Thursday, April 06, 2006


Okay, I'm typing at a remote location and, in short, my freakin Dell (rhymes with "sell" and "hell" among other things) just crapped out again. This means a few things.

1) You won't be hearing from the j3 Spectacular for a bit. Big updates once I get back on.
2) I'm in pursuit of another computer. I'll try to avoid a Dell, but c'mon, they do make damned good computers. My current computer, however, is not one of those.
3) You're going to have to wait for pictures of my brother's network television debut. That's right, on the Price is Right.

Wolfmother still completely rocks everything within a 100 mile radius of it. The CD doubles as a blade that can slice up to 300 feet of lava rock like wet tissue. The press is coming through and people will soon recognize the greatness that is WOLFMOTHER. May 2nd is the day the album hits the stores. Many will be out buying Tool. Some others Pearl Jam. But you should be buying Wolfmother. And it's going to be cheaper than anything else out there.

So here's to our buddy A-Rod and his cleanly shaven warriors. See you in May, sweetheart.