Sunday, July 24, 2005


After surrendering the lead to the Spanks for, uh, let's see--about 15 hours, the Sox go 2 for 4 on the road against, statistically, the best team in baseball--the other Sox. You know, the dudes that haven't won a championship since 1917. Geez, at least we had a curse to blame. The White Sox just plain suck.

Meanwhile, Spanks' power is up. Hmm, who would've seen that coming? Giambi has that Hulk-like wildeye back like the juice is taking him over and Sheffield (below) shows off some of his uncontrollable rage as a result of the elephant steroids they have have shooting on an hourly basis. Meanwhile, Payrod says, "Whoa! Go easy, Sheff! You don't want the league to suspect anything."

Sorry, it's just too easy sometimes. Sox lead Spanks by 1.5 games. Now, bring on the long, hot days of summer.

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