Monday, November 02, 2009


Photoblah-g from Halloween, 2009.

Started it off at 500 with a banana, a bagel, four Advils and two glasses of water. It's standard for a +10-mile run.

At 600, I sat down in front of the TV set in the living room and enjoyed a Biography on Stephen King (I guess that Halloween is the connection here) while I stretched. Interesting that he was about to throw Carrie away until his wife found the unfinished manuscript in the trash and demanded that he re-write it. Gotta love lovely wives.

By 630, Kool Aid and I were on the road and running. I love running in the morning. It's so peaceful. You can basically run in the middle of the road without worrying about getting mowed over. Especially on a Saturday morning. I enjoyed TV on the Radio for the earlier part of the run, White Stripes for the later part. 16 miles total. Hammy still giving me issues. Left IT band tightened up around the ninth mile. Here's a pic from Kool's neighborhood. That's an oncoming car. One of a few very few we encountered at that hour.

By 800, we were on the backside of the Tascosa Country Club making our way to West Hills. This was about on the eighth mile.

Mile 12 at 900. I was attempting to take a pic of me blowing a snot rocket. No dice.
Flew by the store at 1000 to get cash, some syrup and sausage for breakfast. My lovely wife offered to make waffles and sausage. I had two waffles, a fist of sausage, some milk, gatorade and a couple of Advils. And at 1000, I got kisses from Tucker who was happy to see his Pa.

At 1100, I was still drinking my coffee. Planning a trip to Lubbock. Yes, I stole this mug from Daybreak about 14 years ago. Still use it.

1200 I was packing my bags for the Hub City. Lot on my plate for the day.

At 1300, I was passing beautiful Happy, Texas. I love the panhandle. I love how flat it is. It's good for clearing the mind of all the garbage and noise. Just point the front bumper south, hit the gas and enjoy the view. I brought a box of CDs to audition on the road. I hadn't done that in quite some time. Just left the iPod in the Yellow.

1400: discovered a gem in the stack. A compilation from BK One courtesy of Rhymesayers. I haven't heard good hip hop in probably three years. This was a welcome listen. I jammed it all the way into Lubbock. Also notable from the stack was this Shades of Brown record. Dopeness. 1500: Ice cream at my grandparents' place. Gommy insisted, I obliged. We watched Tech struggle with Kansas. Our quarterbacks suck. Either way, though, they're my team. Can't change that.

1600: helping my father get hooked up with Facebook in his office upstairs. This is overlooking the park out back.
1700: my nephew showed up dressed as Shrek. My niece was dressed as a princess. I jacked his mask and played Shrek.

1800: Tech decided they wanted to win on Saturday and turned it up in the fourth quarter breaking a 21-21 tie and winning 42-21. It was enough of a bore to knock out Austin the cocker spaniel. I was at my mother's place talking to Sharon and enjoying a little relaxation. Mom was playing Catholic mass.
1900: dinner with my Mom at Rosa's. I had the burrito plate. My mother made a comment about how no one else in our family eats raw onions like I do. They should.
2000: I have no picture for 2000 hours because I was attempting to take a shot of Krispy Kreme at night going about 40 MPH past the store front. The result was a blurry picture of a Wal-Mart. Just worth noting that I was that close to a Krispy Kreme and resisted stopping and locking myself in the bathroom with a dozen of devil's food donuts. Instead, I proceeded to the local stores to do a couple of compliance checks and then stopped in at United to buy my first six pack within Lubbock city limits. I chose Harpoon. This was at 2100. Harpoon is so good. One of the many great things that come from Vermont.
At 2200, I arrived at Danny's house. Dude went off on decorations for his Halloween party/fiancee's birthday. Nothing sets it off like the bloody shower curtain, though. I'm a fan of the classics. Psycho specifically. And duke had more smoke machines than a Ted Nugent concert.
By 2300, the party had jumped off. I was enjoying my Harpoons talking to the many interestingly dressed folk. Kinda felt like the party pooper for not dressing up, but I never do. I have a hard enough time being myself that being someone else is just too much of a challenge to have fun doing it. Ran into Leangelo...the man of many trades. Tonight, he was a German countryman. It would figure that he would opt for the only costume that is accessorized by a 80-ounce beer stein.2400...midnight. When the real freaks come out. I always feel bad for girls who feel forced to dress like prostitutes for Halloween. I mean, it's really a shame that girls feel pressured into wearing close to nothing like Halloween is some sort of stripper contest. Even more bizarre, though, is when men feel like they need to dress like prostitutes. Like this cat. Kudos for the most awesomely weird costume I've ever seen a dude his age wearing.
And just take my word for it...yes, he was wearing the shorts too. Just another day in the life of yours truly.


sarahsmile3 said...

1. I can not express to you how happy I am that you did not get a picture of your "snot rocket."
2. You and Dale both allow your dogs to kiss (lick) you on the mouth. It's kinda cute and kinda gross.
3. Day Break cup brings back memories.
4. LEE! What a great costume! Do you have any pictures of Danny in costume?
5. That Hooters man could be a closet tranny.

Love you, love the show

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