Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Dude, Fat Laces doing it big this last Sunday with a whole hour dedicated to Public Enemy. I'm sorry, I don't trust anyone who ain't feelin Public Enemy (to quote the great Jack White). Really, I listen to that show and it is mindless, lawless insanity to think someone can't appreciate that. Great stuff. Shouts to Rodney and the whole Superstar DJ crew. Putting it down hard.

I'm jamming De La right now as I upload a slew of good ish before I go out on our December 15th skiing expedition to the Wolf. De La is a pre-req before any road trip. To think I left for Wolfmother without, at least, an hour on the j3 Juggernaut (the 30 gig, yeah baby). I'm lucky worse stuff didn't happen on that trip. Rodney, it might be time for an hour shot of De La.

Congrats to my brother for being a proud owner of a new copy of Public Enemy's Fear of a Black Planet. You will enjoy it immensly. Anyone else ready to take the dive, get in touch with me. I got you.

I'm just saying "whaddup, how's it going" and nothing much more. Just wanted to give uber-props to superstardjs.org for putting it down, giving a nicely-placed shoutout and playing "Lyrics of Fury" which brings a smile to face with the words, "I'm rated 'R', this is a warning." Beautiful.

JD Drew is reportedly signing to the Sox for $70 million over 5 seasons. I'm still trying to figure out how many Twinkies that'll buy. Sox are spending some bucks. Hope it doesn't effect their ticket prices. More on that later.

Will be working on the Top Hip Hop Albums of the Year here pretty soon for December 31st release. Been a pretty hard year. Not feeling alot of records this year. This is the type of year that makes me wanna listen to Van Halen's 1984 and pretend that hip hop never happened. Yeah, that bad. But there was some meritable stuff that came out--no thanks to the labels who sat on every decent hip hop record that should've released this year.

Yuk, whatever. Go buy some Public Enemy and thank me with a Twinkie.

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TX said...

Nice. I'll get you a Twinkie when I'm in the Yellow on the 23rd.