Saturday, December 23, 2006


Yeah, that's right, we got snow in the Yellow. Unfortunately, we got more ice than snow. It was enough to down powerlines, trees and traffic lines, but not enough to get out us out of a few hours of a work. Saw my neighbor col' bust it on the sidewalk. She hit that sidewalk in just short of a jog. Not sure what she was thinking. Either way, she bounced up in just under three seconds which was quite remarkable to witness. Below you'll notice an entire tree that toppled into the street.
Now, you can't see it, but under that tree hides a Saturn SUV (Saturn makes an SUV?).

This is how you know you're gonna have a totally suck day--when you wake up to find your ride under a 30-feet tree. I would've just gone back inside, crawled back into bed and slept for another three days.

Finally chopped off my nasty beard. Thing was starting to capture small birds in flight and, not only that, the grey hairs brought on incredible sadness that made it difficult to look in the mirror. Here's me staring in the mirror and the resulting depression. Yes, I stand in front of the mirror shirtless. It's a morning custom. Yeah, I know I'm a sex machine with my hairy shoulders. I ain't got nothing to hide. I got the fur of Robin Williams.

And now, the sportier, leaner and lighter j3. The fight of a pitbull, the speed of a gazelle. This is the face of a man you don't wanna play with.

Merry Christmas from the folk at The Root Down. In eight days, I'll reveal the Top 20 Hip Hop Albums of 2006. Man, I betta get to writing it. Speaking of snow, I heard the new Jeezy record this morning while cleaning the kitchen (man, that's some serious thuggery right there) and it's straight. B'lee dat.


Anonymous said...

Glad you like the new Jeezy. More glad you shaved! You were starting to look a tad Amish.

toadlift said...

My vote is still for Fishscale. I was jamming it today on the way to Desi's grandma's. Shakey Dog is the track of the year.