Tuesday, December 04, 2007


We all know the conventional uses of the word "cold" as an adjective. It can mean either when the temperature is far below an acceptable comfort level or when something is cruel or lacking emotion. But we rarely hear of it's uses as an adverb which, in my opinion, is just as fantastic as using "word" as a more than a boring noun to describe, uh, a word, but rather as an affirmation or a reaction of positivity as in word for "word 'em up" or "word is bond."

The word "cold" as an adverb is not necessarily assessed the usual "-ly" suffix, but rather stands alone as just "cold."

Dude kept talking so I just cold punched him in the chin.

In this case, he was punched how? He was punched "cold." Sure it sounds a little weird without the "-ly" at the end, but that's how it's intended. Sometimes, you'll even see it spelled "col'," which is my favorite way to spell it. In the above instance, it is used to mean, "without emotion" or Iceman, but it can also mean to do something "methodically exuberant."

Last night, Bizzy and I cold rocked the party.

"Cold" in this circumstance could mean "without emotion," but it's more suggested that with a party involved, it could be better said that there was some level of enthusiasm involved.

Now, the use I'm still trying to figure out is this:

Sharon, those are some cold ass glasses.


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