Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Sandwiched this morning in between the story of a town in New Mexico whose residents are expressing concern about a new ethanol plant and the new weatherman advising people to "drink water because of the dangers of don't wanna dehydrate because that's a bad thing." Who dehydrates in December? Oh crap, now they're interviewing Santa.
Anyhow, like I was saying, Redman made the news this morning when two radio DJs from down the road at the college radio station in Canyon were relieved of their jockey duties after playing an unedited Redman freestyle over the air. The jockeys admitted fault saying they should've screened the freestyle before airing it. I'm not pissed that they got booted as much as I'm upset that they're playing Redman freestyles now and no one bothered to tell me. Last I listened, 91.1 straight-up sucked (or col' sucked). I'd listen everyday if I knew they were playing Redman.
They have a lady who trains horses on now. About to turn it over to CNN, but I just wanted to mention that every time I see a woman who trains horses, they have hair all the way down to their wasteline. It must be a cultural thing like the how all those rappers always have sagging pants.
Speaking of rappers, Pimp C from Houston's UGK died yesterday. Initial ruling was that he died of natural causes and there was no foul play, but the Houston Chronicle is now reporting that it's being treated as a homicide. Man, rappers just can't catch a break. Like it's completely unfathomable that a rapper would die naturally. Whatever, RIP Pimp C.
Johan Santana to the Sox? Maybe. I'd hate for them to trade off Jacoby Ellsbury to do so though. Kid would make a killer centerfielder for the Sox. My call is to give the Twins Coco Crisp, Jon Lester and Ryan Kalish. Paskins' Detroit Tigers are looking tough now with the addition of D-Train and A-Rod XXXL. The migration from NL to AL is in full effect. The AL just got a little stronger.
Da Pocket Prophet has introduced me to one of those hard-to-find gems from hip hop's past--the Dismasters.

Yeah, I know they look mad corny, but these dudes absolutely kill it on "Small Time Hustler," their first single to release in 1987. Their breakneck flow and the unconventional rhyme patterns really had me open. Find "Small Time Hustler" out there. It's just a jam. Dude's were ahead of their time. I'm speaking more of their music than their garb. I got two years before their full length comes out, And Then Some released in 1989. Sucks. Would like to hear it now, but patience will serve me well. I'm considering possibly modifying the requirements for inclusion in the Zune--instead of twenty years or older, I might be shrinking it to 15. We'll see.

Don't believe the hype. It's humpday.


K-Fleet said...

Can't forget that Spice 1 got shot in the chest and is in the hospital, we'll see if he's 187 Proof.

j3 said...

yeah, I heard he was improving, but we'll see. crazy week.