Saturday, December 27, 2008


In addition to finding boxers that fit, getting a hair cut, my back waxed and fixing that damn computer, here's my checklist for 2009:

Begin eating mushrooms.
Successfully silk screen a shirt.
Influence popular opinion regarding the current donut situation in the Yellow.
Run 5 miles in succession twice a week by end of the year.
Lose 20 pounds.
Give away 400 CDs.
Successfully silk screen a painting of James Brown.
Do a blog entry each day of June--30 posts total within the month.
Submit to a calendar company, a fully developed idea for The Root Down desk calendar.
Learn to shuffle cards.
Complete six mixes within the year (to include The Gangsta Boogie, The Buhloone Mindstate Breakdown, The Tax-Exempt Federal Income Tax Mix, The Christmas Sweater Mix Vol. 2 and my lovely wife's request for a mix about women).
Wear a full-grown moustache for a week.
Become more knowledgeable in Blues and the key components and players.
Follow up on the whereabouts of Roderick and Sean.
Read a book. Serious. Just one.
Find out what happened to my 10-foot jump shot.
Pass on all fantasy sports. Most specifically Fantasy Baseball. It's not worth the time.
Begin working on family cookbook. Again.
Begin playing harmonica.
Less coffee in 2009.
Cut back soda consumption to one reasonably sized soda a month.
Make my own sauerkraut by rotting cabbage buried under the ground.
Eat the sauerkraut.
Take two one-week vacations. Possibly one to Idaho and then to the northeast catching a Sox game and visiting New York.
Become salty in discussions about 1989 hip hop.
Have a garage sale and use the proceeds to buy a ping pong table to then put in that empty garage.
Go an entire month without sugar or sweets.
Use swimming as a primary form of exercise at the gym.


sarahsmile3 said...

That's quite a list, my friend. Inspiring.

K-Fleet said...

Put me on the list for the CD giveaways. :)