Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Click the image above to download and get listening, fool. What awaits you is one of the illest kitchen-sink mix you've ever heard. Specifically sequenced for the 11-minute mile runner at the White Rock Marathon in Dallas, this mix will go uphill with you, downhill with you. When the going gets tough, enter Ice Cube. When you're chilling in the neighborhood just southwest of the Lake, enjoy a chunk of Coltrane and Ellington. As you make your final push for the finish line, Public Enemy's Fear of the Black Planet is played in its entirety--no breaks, no omissions--to help you see your way to glory.

This thing is a beast so if you elect to download it, be prepared. It's 80 songs and close to 5 hours of seamless dopeness. It times in at 4:48:18--just 30 seconds short of an 11-minute mile pace for 26.22 miles.

Even if you ain't running the Rock, it'd be good listening for an afternoon at work.
1 Dynasty "Adventures in the Land of Music"
2 Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band "Cherchez La Femme"
3 KC and the Sunshine Band "I Get Lifted"
4 The Emotions "Blind Alley"
5 Nice and Smooth "No Delayin'"
6 De La Soul "Oodles of O's"
7 Black Moon "Who Got Da Props?"
8 Run DMC "Peter Piper"
9 The Love Unlimited Orchestra "I Wanna Stay"
10 Rufus Thomas "Do the Funky Chicken"
11 The JBs "Monorail"
12 Labi Siffre "I Got the Blues"
13 The BarKays "Holy Ghost"
14 Banbarra "Shack Up"
15 T-Connection "Groove to Get Down"
16 (some really ill piece I found...don't know who or what)
17 JC Davis "A New Day"
18 Hell Razah, Talib Kweli and DOOM! "Project Jazz"
19 Jonathan Toth (with DOOM!) "Ghostwhirl"
20 Jeru the Damaja "Y'Playin' Y'self"
21 De La Soul "Area"
22 De La Soul "Afro Connections at a Hi-5"
23 New Birth "Honey Bee"
24 Wu Tang "Clan in Da Front"
25 Black Ivory "I Keep Asking You Questions"
26 Raekwon "Criminology"
27 The Sweet Inspirations "Why Marry?"
28 Ghostface Killah "Box in Hand"
29 Method Man "M.E.T.H.O.D. Man"
30 James Brown "It's a New Day"
31 Sly and Family Stone "The Underdog"
32 Sly and Family Stone "Stand!"
33 The Tempations "Psychedelic Shack"
34 Badder Than Evil "Hot Wheels"
35 John Coltrane "My Favorite Things"
36 Duke Ellington "Caravan"
37 Charles Mingus "Hog Callin' Blues"
38 John Coltrane "Blue Train"
39 Beastie Boys "Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun"
40 Run DMC "Beats to the Rhyme"
41 Gangstarr "Speak Y'Clout"
42 A Tribe Called Quest "Check the Rhime"
43 Public Enemy "Don't Believe the Hype"
44 Last Emperor "Rap Tyranny"
45 Jay-Z "Reservoir Dogs"
46 Murs "24 Hrs with a G"
47 The Winstons "Amen, Brother"
48 Eric B and Rakim "Paid in Full (C'mon, dude, f'real? Of course, the 7-minute mix)"
49 Eric B and Rakim "Lyrics of Fury"
50 Black Sheep "The Choice is Yours"
51 Main Source "Fakin' the Funk"
52 Beastie Boys "So Whatcha Want?"
53 Brand Nubian "Punks Jump Up to Beat Down"
54 Eric B and Rakim "Juice (Know the Ledge)"
55 Rashaan Roland Kirk "Stompin' Grounds"
56 John Coltrane "Giant Steps"
57 NWA "100 Miles and Runnin'"
58 NWA "Express Yourself"
59 Ice Cube "Doin' Dumb Shit"
60 Ice Cube "When Will They Shoot?"
61 Public Enemy "Contract on the Love World Jam"
62 Public Enemy "Brothers Gonna Work It Out"
63 Public Enemy "911 is a Joke"
64 Public Enemy "Incident at 66.6 FM"
65 Public Enemy "Welcome to the Terrordome"
66 Public Enemy "Meet the G That Killed Me"
67 Public Enemy "Pollywanacracka"
68 Public Enemy "Anti-Nigger Machine"
69 Public Enemy "Burn Hollywood Burn"
70 Public Enemy "Power to the People"
71 Public Enemy "Who Stole the Soul"
72 Public Enemy "Fear of a Black Planet"
73 Public Enemy "Revolutionary Generation"
74 Public Enemy "Can't Do Nuttin' for Ya Man"
75 Public Enemy "Reggie Jax"
76 Public Enemy "Leave This Off Your Effin' Charts"
77 Public Enemy "B-Side Wins Again"
78 Public Enemy "War at 33 1/3"
79 Public Enemy "Final Countdown..."
80 Public Enemy "Fight the Power"
That's today's lesson. Keep on rockin' it, kid.

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