Friday, January 01, 2010


Outraged barely measures half of what I'm feeling with the firing of Mike Leach. It's a perfect example of administration thinking with their pocketbook and not their longer-term future. And, if they were truly the mush between their ears, they would've considered the millions in revenue that the program had grown to generate under the years that Leach was there.


Not even a season removed from adding additional seating and beginning construction on luxury boxes on the dreaded east side of the stadium, they're going to break the program down and start from the ground up. There are certain things, I suppose, that will always get in the way of progress and ego is one of them. And, to be fair, it's as much Mike Leach's ego as it is Gerald Myers'. What happened would've happened probably in the next two years or so if it didn't happen now because of how volitle that relationship was.


Myers was pissed from the second they re-upped his contract because it got so ugly and, in the end, he had the upper hand. Not many people, however, siding with him in this one...except for ESPN who has failed to remain objective, embarrassingly enough, and has stuck by their own through the entire thing without one person uttering support for the other side. Some guy last night suggested that Leach was "radioactive" and that no program would want him until he clears his name because he'd be more a liability than an asset. Seriously, bro. You don't think he's already received calls from probably ten top universities with offers?


That being said, my alma mater is now coachless. I mean, they're not without coach, but they're without Coach. There's a difference. You'll hear a few players in support of his firing, but I think that's more the media seeking players to voice the other side and they're making it sound like it's overwhelming for the firing. I don't think most players, no matter how controversial the coach, how fiery, how passionate, how confused would not take the side of a coach when he's had a proven track record of winning. How many people has Nick Saban popped on the head, pushed in the chest, yelled in the face of as one of the winningest coaches in football? Countless. Anyone complaining? While it's a vocal minority at Tech that support his firing, the microphone of the media makes it sounds like an army of thousands. Can't think that players with a couple years left at Tech are excited at the prospect of losing their coach that's led them to ten straight winning seasons and ten straight bowls and with no prospect in sight.


I got three teams and their in this order: Boston Red Sox, Texas Tech Red Raiders and the Boston Celtics. As, not only a fan, but a graduate of Texas Tech, I don't really have any other options. I gotta stick by them. It's like fighting parents. You wish it could've worked out, but alas, it didn't. I liked Grady Little and the Sox fired him when he didn't pull Pedro out. They replaced him with Terry Francona and they've won two championships since. Do I think they're gonna replace his success in one season? No. Five? Maybe. The games won't be the same for a while, but my challenge to all Tech fans and graduates is to rally around this program. If you hung all of your support on Leach, I wouldn't consider you much of a fan. College football is that way. Players come and go in only three or four years. The best can't wait to go pro. Coaches have more longevity, but not by much. College football programs have gone through much worse. This isn't the end of anything. Love the program. Support the program. Pick up your gear from off the floor. Go to the games. These kids deserve the support. Now, we've got the Alamo Bowl to win.


I do think, though, we keep the pirate motif alive.


Anonymous said...

Gerald Myers is a bit player in this there must be a high powered regent that pulled a power play or even Kent Hance but I think he's smarter than this but really wondering if there is anybody with any smarts in the Tech administration really really stupid decisions have resulted in
tech football going in the ditch for say a decade or so can you say welcome to the 80's looks like we're back there again a very weak time for Tech football
signed despairing in detroit

Maroussia said...

It will be great to watch Texas Tech Red Raiders, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.