Thursday, November 03, 2005


So let's just throw up some old show photos like I took them at the show in Dallas and act like he put on a killa set. No blogspot bomb threat here, Sage. Just need to tell you that six guys were about to haul their tails a total of 2700 miles round trip to see you in the Getdown, but alas, your show was cancelled for unspecified reasons. You could've at least sent a brotha an email. I suppose I might need to reconsider my nomination of Sage for Live Act of the Year in the Plug Awards. Anyhow, here's the pics from Friday night's show...a day early.

"I know I look good. Stop sweatin' me."

Strange Famous in full effect.

You know the mullet.

Word 'em up.

Bro bro's back in the 'handle this weekend. Should be a fine time. Go Tech. Kick some Aggie arse.

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