Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Looks like Chamillionaire Lil-Flipped himself out of the rap game and Paul Wall gets the last laugh. Once a daring duo from H-Town to rivals and now to forgot-about-the-whole-thing, Paul Wall and Chamillionaire parted ways a few years back. Paul Wall went on to moderate success with his first major label record and Chamillionaire blew up like Nagasaki. Dude was everywhere. Paul made steady appearances here and there, but still had that stigma of the next big white rapper (see also Bubba Sparxxx, Lil Wyte, etc.). Second record, Paul Wall titled it Get Money, Stay True. With almost no publicity or radio play, Paul did 92,000 units. Apparently, his buddy Chamillionaire didn't take notice and released a completely vulgar-free hip hop record. Noble, but the rap industry don't give away any peace prizes. Well, Chamillionaire's follow-up to his major label debut pinched off a measley 79,161 units first week. Good, yes. But after you scan platinum plus on your debut and then you're outsold by Reba McEntire and Barry Manilow cover record on your sophomore outing, you've officially entered the J-Kwon Circuit. Here are the numbers:

The People's Champ
Release to date: 852,006
Get Money, Stay True
First week sales: 92,340
The Sound of Revenge
Release to date: 1,312,663
Ultimate Victory
First week sales: 79,332
Chamillionaire acts like we're not trying to sell records here. It'd be like Weinerschnitzel replacing every hot dog on their menu with turd-covered donuts. Whether Chamillionaire likes to believe it or not, kids generally buy hip hop records because of their perceived danger. It's the vulgarity, the violence, the jewels, the women, the lifestyle. The notion of a platinum hip hop artist making (reportedly under his own will) a Wal-Mart/soccer mom approved hip hop record is laughable. Chamillionaire, get that money, but stay true. It worked for ya' boy, Pauly.


K-Fleet said...

But, you have to give Chamil props for featuring Slick Rick on his family-friendly record.

j3 said...


slick rick also appeared on will smith's "willennium" record...for that, i give no additional props to will smith.

or slick rick.

K-Fleet said...

Good point, but Slick's gotta make his cheddah and pay his legal fees to stay in the states, even if it means making some sacrificial guest appearances. So, rather than propping Chamil, I'll prop Rick for at least staying in the game and continuing to do his thing. Can't be any worse than Big Daddy Kane coming out of retirement.