Thursday, September 13, 2007


So, after a successful surgery, Tux is no longer a man. In fact, he never really got to enjoy the wonders of manhood. We just cut 'em off before he got there. The last thing we need is another Tux out there somewhere. We got confirmation that the surgery went well and he was "just waking up." Man, imagine the terror of waking up and seeing that your testicles are missing. That dude's gonna raise some hell tonight. Ain't no dog in those cages gonna get a wink of sleep tonight. We'll get him back in time for Sox and Spanks tomorrow night at 6PM Central. Spanks are throwing "Child-Bearing Hips" Pettitte and the Sox are giving Dicey-K the ball. Should be interesting.

My prediction is the Spanks will take the first game and the Sox will take the remaining two. We'll end the weekend up 7 games and all but secure the AL East as ours. I wouldn't be a Sox fan if I didn't say so. Trust me, it ain't gonna be easy.
Sheryl, thanks for the Kanye promo. At first listen, well, I'll put it how I put it to Jacko in an email I just sent: "Yeah, the new Kanye will take a few listens. Certainly less appeal to the casual 'I don’t normally listen to hip hop but..' listener. It’s more of a street record with the exception of 'Stronger'…it’s not deep with singles and I fear for him that what he doesn’t sell off the first week, he probably won’t sell in the future unlike his past releases. I wouldn’t write it off too quickly…'Flashing Lights' is the track that brings particular interest to me at this point…"
So this case of the black woman that was tortured by six back woods white folk in West Virginia is quite compelling to me. I don't know if you're familiar with the crime, but apparently, six people in West Virginia kidnapped, raped, tortured and held captive a 23-year old black woman for a week before authorities went to the house and discovered her running toward the door screaming, "Help me!" Now, in West Virginia, if it's defined as a "hate crime," it's punishable only up to ten years in prison. So, the legal team is pursuing a combination of charges to hopefully lock these people up for a much longer time. I'm wondering, though, could we not make it a "hate crime" and just let 'em rot in prison? Now, I'm no lawyer and certainly my assessment might be flawed, but, let's just say this: it's more than coincidence that there were six white people (two of which are 40+ females, what the?) and one young black female. And that, while "her captors choked her with a cable cord, stabbed her in the leg" they called "her a racial epithet, poured hot water over her, made her drink from a toilet and beat her." On top of that, they raped her and kept her captive in a shed out back. Now, I'm completely unfamiliar with torture prosecutions and even more unfamiliar with what is defined as a "hate crime," but man, if you're going to take anyone's story, wouldn't it be the victim who had to endure it for an entire week? This is some horrible stuff, folks. I normally don't get too wound up over stuff like this, but to not, at least, suspect it as a "hate crime," just baffles me to no end. Whatever. If these people get out of this with anything less than multiple hate crime, kidnapping, rape and torture charges that will lock them away from free life for good, there's injustice in West Virginia. That's all I'm saying.
Roundhouse put a sting on tonight to hopefully lock down a spot in the playoffs. We beat Big Stix (crafty spelling there) 20-6. "That's not a win, that's a whooping," says my lovely wife. Indeed. One bad whooping. And there was family there to witness it too. Geez, I hate doing that to a family, but it's my job...kicking mad ass, that is.
That Percee P is hot to death. Coming soon on Stones Throw. Don't be a punk. Love your neighbor.

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