Wednesday, August 19, 2009


When my lovely wife and I first married, we went to Cozumel and planned the most wonderful outing to the mainland where we would walk through ancient ruins and swim in the ocean. That day, a tropical storm blasted the coast of Mexico and we spent our entire day under cover drinking free beer and watching lightning.

In February, I bought tickets to the Sawx versus the Sox in Boston for Monday night. Well, turns out someone else has a ticket to Boston...a category 4 hurricane named Bill.

Possible that this cat might just skate by New England and dust it with a little wind and rain. Or he could just land right on top of Boston and rain out the entire game. Or, this path might completely bend back to a complete 180 and head back out to sea and never hit the states. As of right now, though, the projected path takes it directly toward New England hitting portions of the Boston area on Monday morning.

Stay tuned to The Root Down...your Hurricane Big Bad Bill vs. New England headquarters.

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