Saturday, August 29, 2009


Back in Texas. Amazing to be able to look 500 feet away and not see anything that's at least four stories tall. This $1.35 beer never tasted better. I spent $7.99 for a sixer of St. Arnold's tonight. The other night, off of Times Square, I put down $15 for a sixer of Sierra Nevada. It was worth it. But this St. Arnold's that I picked up by hopping in my car and driving a mile down the road and parking in a 16-spot parking lot accessible by two different traffic lanes without seeing a taxi was quite refreshing. And here I sort through all of the notes I took and want to mention on the blog and am thinking, I'll just give you a taste of NYC and Boston (and Maine, New Hampshire and Connecticut) and then throw up the rest later.
Best vacation ever, me thinks. Better than my honeymoon? Hard to say. I was with my lovely wife, so I would say that it'd be easy for me to say that I, yeah, better than the honeymoon.
If you told me I'd be scraping sea gull feces off of a boardwalk in Maine 50 hours a week, I'd start packing tonight and the car would have a full take of gas, my lovely wife and two beagles in it by 7:00 in the morning. I love the peacefulness, the serenity. How awesome, though, to experience a direct contrast by jumping into the fire of the New York City transit system only two days later. We went from Better Homes and Gardens to a solid and unforgiving punch to the groin in just 48 hours. I wouldn't have it any different.
I don't vacate, I just walk a hair slower and speak about half as much.
Ya'll be good to your neighbor.

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