Thursday, August 06, 2009


Had a hard night last night. Progress is slow going at this point. I got to three miles steadily (but still not what I would consider the "steady three") and last night I had a punishing run at about 9:00PM. The sun was down, the roads still barely lit, 88 degrees. Warm breeze. By the second mile, my back had completely locked up on me and my calves were on fire. By the end of the second mile, my jog had been reduced to almost a crawl. But still, I remained. I kept the legs moving. Not sure if this is a "wall" that joggers refer to. Pretty sure that doesn't happen between mile two and mile three. This would be more of a speed bump.

But it'd be enough last night to trip up my jog. My schedule's pretty brutal right now. Jog on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Softball (usually a doubleheader) on Tuesday and Thursday. That leaves the Sabbath for resting. Pretty sure my calves are a softball related ache since, well, I never really stretch before playing ball. No more doing anything without stretching.

My lovely wife drew me a epsom salt bath last night. I've only put my fat ass in a tub about three times since we've been married. Last night it was well deserved. She takes good care of me. The back pains are frustrating. Barely slept last night. Feels like I took five Nolan Ryan fastballs to the lower back. Every time I move, it tightens up and leaves me almost with little breath to even grunt. Friday will be better. Even if it won't, I have to tell myself that.

Must get the Team Root Down shirts pressed up for distribution. Wil, any word on that contact?

Thinking of a new mix that revolves around the concept of "rappers having bad days." Let's face it, for every good day a rapper has, he has two to three bad ones. You can see right through all that gold and Maximas. Rappers got problems. Some they bring on themselves and others are brought on them. Del has to ride the bus which he absolutely hates in "The Wacky World of Rapid Tranit" and Kwest gets busted at home with his girlfriend when her father comes home in "Daddiez Home." And rappers have a beautiful way of articulating their bad days. Probably won't be 100% hip hop, but certainly focused on it. And Halloween is right around the corner too. Gotta get that mix going.

Thursday. Hmm. I hate Thursdays. Probably more than Monday. Mondays have so much promise. Thursdays are like Friday Eve. Friday, I go in front of the board and tell 'em what I've done right. It's like a firing squad. At 8AM.

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sarahsmile3 said...

Team Rootdown shirt, eh? Any chance you will be printing those in a size medium?