Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I'm sure most of you heard: Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray this weekend while filming an underwater expedition. Sucks. He was like that excitable boy scout who was always sneaking snakes into peoples' sleeping bags--but he always explained afterwards that they were not poisonous and there was no reason to worry. If he was in Wu Tang, he'd be the Khaki Killa.

Dude was too goofy for his own good, but he also came under some criticism when he fed crocs with the bloody food in one hand and his newborn child under his opposite arm. Tell me this kid wasn't a complete pimp.

What sucks is some cat was on the television last night saying he imagines that the stringray that killed him was provoked citing, "That's this guy's whole schtick--he provokes the animals to get a reaction." Thought that was a rather unfair assessment of Steve, but I could see how someone could believe it.

Anyhow, kinda bummed this morning with the loss of Steve Irwin. Not in a sleepless sense, but just sucks.

My wife was telling me there's a local radio station that pitches itself as a "positive radio station" and they have newscasts that are all positive news stories. Thought it was a rather ridiculous notion. But then I was thinking this story would be the lead story on a "bummer network."

I'm such a downer this morning. Should've made my coffee a little stronger.

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TX said...

Seriously a Debbie Downer moment. I've been defending him for the past 24 hours as well. Not sure it was smart to do the whole baby/croc food combo, but i guess the issue is moot now. RIP Steve Irwin.