Friday, September 08, 2006


We've already started the process of replacing Chuck on the heels of what will a losing season for The Roundhouse ("losing" meaning we didn't win the league--c'mon, folks, we expect greatness!). It just wasn't poppin' this second season. Seemed like the rhythm wasn't really there this time out. Immediately, after getting run-ruled by a team that we should've at least given a good contest because we had beaten them before, the team started spewing out new ideas for next year's shirt.

Well, I stepped out on my own (although we had some sweet ideas goin).

My suggestion is the Drunken Miyagis. Why "Drunken," you ask? Not sure. I just thought it sounded cool. Plus, I comped up this super sweet jersey logo. Dude, Pat Morita's never looked better (rest in peace, broham).

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