Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I know it's been hip hop heavy lately, but folks, it's called The Root Down. Whaddya expect, fools? But there's much more going on than listening to hip hop and gettin in touch with my tougher, rougher, rawer side.

Yeah, we're house shopping. I'm not really at liberty to go into it too deeply, but it's something else how my lovely wife works. One day she says, "I really like that house." Next thing you know, you're pulling into the driveway and there's a FOR SALE sign in your yard. So ya boy might be on the move, but one address won't change. That's tell ya friends, spread the word.

Work's busy as hell. You go and go, sit in meetings, go and go, sit in meetings, then go and go home. The headaches from previous months have subsided and things are on the up, but you never get used to the just learn to keep up. I have, however, discovered that I will be sidetracked an average of 79 times a day and it usually only takes 10-12 seconds to occur. Again, it's an approximation, but, what am I saying?

Sox are way out of playoff contention. To hell with it. We had a pitcher who was diagnosed with some spinal disorder, another young flamethrower that blew his arm out, two veteran starters who are out with a back injury and a shoulder injury. Manny was sitting on bum knee, Papi went out with an irregular heartbeat. Trot's knees held him out of the lineup for a few weeks. Wily Mo did something to some body part. Man, you can't keep up. Basically, we're out of it. Maybe next year. Until then, I have all 2004 playoff games on DVD so I'll be enjoying those through the playoffs--I mean, after I watch the Yankees go belly up again against the Twinkees.

So that leaves me near-homeless and teamless. There's always college football and my alma mama, Texas Tech, are looking quite nice in their first two games. Yeah, boy, I loves me some college football.

September 11th found me going back and watching YouTube videos from that day. Haunting stuff. I thought the shock and terror had worn off, but if you go back and watch some of that footage, it'll leave you a wreck. I was in Tyler when it happened and didn't think too much of the first plane, but I remember watching when the second aircraft hit. Time heals the wounds, but it'll still leave a mark. And I don't know what to think of the war anymore. I suppose I lean to the "you start it, you end it" terms.

I like Shiner Light--tis a fine beer. And I'm enjoying one right now. I wish Shiner would make ice cream because I'd eat it every night.

Everyone betta buy their family members music for Christmas. The industry needs you. And I know of a place that's going to have some incredible deals on your favorite artists, your favorite music for Christmas. I'll give you one guess and if you don't get it, I'll ban you from visiting The Root Down.

Ann Richards died of cancer. Just read that.

My back's been aching lately. Like badly. Typically, I ask that my lovely wife drive her knees into my lower back and that seems to work, however, every morning I have to go through a routine of stretches and wiggles to loosen it up. My lovely wife says it's how I sit in my chair up at work. Some would agree. My grandmother would say that my posture has always been poor. I think it's because I'm so tall, I'm in a constant state of duck.

You know, back to house hunting real quick. It sucks. I just don't like it so much really. And I don't like putting my own house for sale, but my lovely wife is much more saavy about these sort of things. Put the lid down, dishes in the dishwasher, light a candle, mow the yard. I'm such a slow mover when it comes to life, I'd probably be living in the same house until they moved me into a nursing home. Lucky I got my lovely wife. I really don't like putting the house on display. So much, I feel like taking out that aggression on other sellers. Just drive down the street, pull up to a house with a sale sign in front and if you can catch the home owner out front, even better. Just pull up real slow, roll down the window, look at their house, pout and say, "Yeah, honey, this house is about the ugliest house I've ever seen." Then drive off. It's like the garage sale thing--when you're out there and people don't even feel your valuables are worth a stop. "Honey, just drive slow. I don't want to get out because then they'll hassle me into buying something. Okay, uh, I don't see anything. Let's keep going." Yeah, I guess my cheap crap is not as good as someone else's cheap crap. I should've just started confronting cars that were driving by slow--run out to them and yell, "What, a five dollar blender that's been used only two times ain't good enough for you?!"

Okay, back to the list. I've been working hard on it. Hopefully you all have enjoyed the first 17 reviews. Maybe even some of you have actually gone and purchased something. It's the most I could hope for. If nothing else, it's given me a chance to go back and listen to some of these old records with more attention--gain a new appreciation in some cases.

I've had a few people that have asked me about the top three records. The top three have serious emotional value to me. There's simply no topping them in my book. We're talking the cream of the corn, here. You know whenever you throw your opinion out there, someone's gonna disagree. That's fine with me. I'd disagree with others' lists too. It's natural. But hopefully I've made a case for every album so far. Of course, the top three should really need very little explanation, but I'll do my best regardless.

I'll be fair though to those who have been following this marathon. I'll go ahead and tell you what albums are not in the top three--at least you won't be as disappointed.

Straight Outta Compton is not. Groundbreaking, but not great.

Same with Criminal Minded.

In fact, neither Dr. Dre solo projects are in the top three. I didn't think The Chronic was as ingenius as some made it out to be. In that case, no Doggystyle either. Ice Cube is all you need.

No, Ready to Die is not one of my favorite records. Let the hate begin.

For that matter, I never liked 2Pac that much either so don't expect any 2Pac records.

No Common, no Roots, no Reasonable Doubt.

No Outkast. Which reminds me, I still gotta listen to Idlewild.

In fact, none of the remaining records came out less than 15 years ago.

With that being said, no Eric B. & Rakim, Brand Nubian, Digital Underground, 3rd Bass (it kills me), Jungle Brothers, LL Cool J, Above the Law, Schoolly D, Main Source (stop complainin', Roderick), Masta Ace, Biz Markie, Stetsasonic.

If you decide to come back, thank you. If you don't, your music is not as good as mine. Go make your own list.

Somewhere in Taos


TX said...

I know one **crockett** record that will make the top 3.

j3 said...

you know me well.

sarahsmile3 said...

They make shiner ice cream here in Austin from time to time at a lil place called Amy's.
Maybe they will have it available next time you are in town.