Friday, June 01, 2007


Yep, five years ago (five short years ago) my lovely wife and I tied the knot and made it public--I have shoulder hair. And I love this woman very very much. We were supposed to be spending today in Boston watching my beloved Red Sox take on the Spanks, however, those tickets were given out randomly so I'll be watching to see if Ben Affleck's in the seats. We'll see how randomly that process was. Instead, we're gonna be heading to the canyon and the Starlight Canyon Bed and Breakfast where we enjoyed our anniversary two years ago. You might remember the story of when a donkey tried to make me his own. And, when I awoke this morning and went into the kitchen, I found the raddest gift anyone could ever give me. I know my lovely wife supports my adoration for the Red Sox and will even watch the games so long as their close, but this gift was the coolest ever. In a wooden frame, was the following Norman Rockwell piece entitled "The Rookie." Tell me this ain't the illest.

I'll be looking for a place to hang it (I'm thinking the mantle, but I'm sure the lovely wife's not ready for that level of commitment). Thank you, my Erin. It's so awesome and I love you. I know that's not very gangsta of me to get all cuddly and clammy on here and profess my love to my lovely wife, but you can deal with it for one day. It's definitely a Funkadelic day. Get down, muddahs! See you all on the other side of Friday. Go love yo wife, fool.

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