Saturday, November 24, 2007


Please help me in wishing my lovely wife a happy birthday. Yeah, the girl's a year older and, well, in honor of her making it another year (this year not jumping out of a plane, but rather staying warm in bed reading a book), I cooked up a Sock-It-To-Me cake for breakfast. Yeah, you know my steez. Heads don't think my ass can bake. I got mad skills.
It's a bun cake that, in the middle, contains a mixture of crushed pecans, brown sugar and cinnamon. Drizzled in a sugary glaze. Yeah, it's ill. I'm quite proud of myself. Got up at 5 AM to get this bad boy baked. Best if served with coffee, juice or milk.

Got a new member of the family too. It's a Zune. For those scoring at home, the Zune I purchased is a 30GB animal that is made my Microsoft and has video, audio and picture capabilities. I'll be using it predominantly for music.

He's brown like the one above. Apparently, brown wasn't the most popular color amongst Zune users so it's being closed out to all retailers. I bought mine brand new for about $97. His name is "Da Pocket Prophet" and, true to his name, will only contain hip hop 20 years or older. And, also, Da Pocket Prophet will also have gas faces (shakefaces) stored on it for anyone's enjoyment. So please help me in welcoming Da Prophet to the family. Loaded some Audio Two, Biz Markie, Eric B & Rakim, Beasties, Run DMC and Funky Four this morning. Oh, this is gonna be fun. Still having to go back and get all of the really old stuff like Sugarhill, Kurtis Blow and such, but soon, this thing will be a portable hip hop encyclopedia--complete with cover art or 12" label where applicable.

You ain't ready.

Danny (City Fence) is apparently down in Austin this weekend preparing some of the new tracks for his album. Danny, I only expect greatness. You got the world's two best producers working for you. Failure is not an option.

Celtics are 10-1. It's an old school weekend. Go listen to the Fat Boys, dummy.


sarahsmile3 said...
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sarahsmile3 said...

Happy B-day, Erwin! I wish we could be there celebrating with you. The boys gotta lay down the tracks, though. I'll be painting my bathroom in colors inspired by the magical peacock. And when I say "I'll be painting" I mean "Lee will be painting".
Love yall!