Friday, November 02, 2007


I almost wanted to post about Duane just so I could use this awesome tribute to Dog that I found online. It was created in a touching moment of reflection when Dog was locked up last year for suspicion of illegal detention. Check it out, the eagle is crying. So, pretty awesome, huh? Dog's a racist? Wow. I can't say I would've seen that coming at all. I love the rationale of, "But he's spent time in prison and on the streets." Okay. Gotcha. Imus is getting his job back. I guess morality and principles have expiration dates. Whatever.

My tire was ruined. I dropped off my car and said, "Yeah, the flat's in the trunk. Do you think it'll be ready by noon?" Dude said, "We'll call you." I tried to make it sound like it's just a flat and nothing more than that, but if you saw the pics below, you know it was more than that. I just didn't want to replace every tire. He called me fifteen minutes later saying, "Dude, that tire's roasted." I asked if he could find evidence of a puncture or gash and he said, "I didn't even look that close because the tire is useless." I went ahead and replaced all tires and got a deal.

I'm giving up beer and soda until my birthday in March. Yeah, it'll be a feat for sure. I just found that somewhere between Denver and Midland that I wanted to take on a new test. At first, it was just soda. Then, I started thinking, what if I attempted to give up beer as well? Now, soda I've done before, but I've never done beer. I'm a big beer fan. I like my pale ales. I guess I figure that if I don't challenge and push myself, who will? I want to lose a little weight. I want see what cutting both out of my life does to my energy levels. It's more a science experiment than anything. I can drink lemonade, teas, coffee (oh yeah), juices and, of course, water. So far, I've been most reliant on coffee and water. Nothing else. Five days in and I feel fantastic.

Enjoy your Friday. Don't be a racist. Even if it's private conversations with your son who is dating a black girl. Go listen to Bob Dylan.


sarahsmile3 said...

I can't believe that a redneck said the "N" word.
How is this going to affect Leland?

Anonymous said...

Can you drink Crown Royal?