Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Well, the Zune experiment continues to run ahead of schedule. I'm already loading 1989 onto it. Yeah, people like to catch me going back on my commitments, but the thing is that 1988 had some great records, however, simply not enough to keep me entertained for an entire year. I had to move onto the next year. Now, 1989 is when things get thick. These days in hip hop are just overflowing with good records so I would say my pace will slow down considerably. The second I loaded Paul's Boutique and 3 Feet High and Rising onto the Zune, I thought, "This is what I was waiting for. This is the Promised Land. This is 1989." Damn right it's the Golden Age.

Now kids are faking fights so they can post them on YouTube. Apparently, they're still eating Play-Doh as well. Kids, whaddya gon' do?

Speaking of kids, I think we finally had a breakthrough with Tucker and his potty training. It's about damn time. It's not like he can't hold it. The dude is the same size as Jackson yet he would want me to believe that his bladder is not even a comparment, but rather a tube--or a straw. Well, I've actually been a bit absent as his sensei. So what I do now is beat him within inches of his life when he pisses the floor and then do cartwheels out in the yard when he hits the lawn. It seems to be working. You have to show him that this is bad and this is good. Who would've thought? He'll be starting obedience training next week. It's the same training that Jackson went do which means he'll jump on furniture without an invite, dig holes throughout the backyard, empty entire trashcans of garbage across the kitchen floor and occassionally fart in your face. Ah, the wonders of beagle ownership.

Another gem from a Google search of my last name. This man's name is Robert and he failed to pay child support so they picked his cheap ass up.

Robert, don't have 'em if you can't pay for 'em. You're giving us a bad name, homie. I don't want to search my last name and then find a full page of mug shots. It just doesn't look good.

The wind chill has inched up to 1 degree. It's gonna be a cold walk to work.

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