Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I went over to Kool Aid's place for some NBA action last night--Rockets and C's. I guess, technically, it was C's at the Rockets. Celtics, coming off the heels of a fantastic win against San Antonio after coming back from 17 down in the first quarter, were asked to do it again the next night against a team that had won 22 straight games--the second longest streak in NBA history.

Now, let's put this into some historical context. Because I think a lot of heads forget where we were going into this year. This was last year:
We posted our second worst record in the history of the franchise. People were calling for a total re-organization, however, there was still hope that we would get a top draft pick and cruise back to our greatness. Then we got the fifth pick in the draft. Ah, some of that Danny Ainge mojo! But then Danny's testicles balloon in size and he goes out and does this:
And while, to date, we've posted the best record in the league, many still doubt we're ready for a championship. Even I do, at times. Nonetheless, the C's are making a tough trip through Texas playing Spurs, the streaking Rockets and the Mavericks in four days. No small task. Most of us at the office said that whoever won last night's game against the Rockets, it would be by no more than five points. Well, the Celtics went into a rowdy Toyota Center and beat the snot out of the Rockets, 94-74. When the Rockets pulled McGrady out with nearly nine minutes left in the game after being snuffed and held to only eight points, the fans began to leave the arena. Gangsta! Gangsta! And we hung 94 points without Ray Allen.

Never would I have imagined that we'd get our lift from good ol' Leon Powe (as in Edgar Allen Poe). Dude was col' greatness last night silently scoring 21 points on 66% shooting showing the league that we do, in fact, have a bench. Check out his Olan Mills steez in this fitting portrait.

Even Hakeem made it out and sat on the sidelines watching the C's kick the crap out of his team much in the way he sat out the final minutes of Game six of the 1986 Finals when the Celtics won their last championship. Maybe it was my old Bird jersey that I broke out of retirement for the festivities.

In other sports news, the Yankees played a spring game against Virginia Tech to give back and remember those lost in the tragedy over a year ago. They beat VT in a shortened game, 11-0. Way to go, assholes. That's the class we've all come to expect from the Yankees.

We got our troop together for the Wolf trip: Mayhem, Angry Tim and Harley. Everything will be documented by still and video camera--even Angry Tim's fiery outbursts that will leave even the toughest of men in tears.


webduke said...

\\ I hope you and your rowdy friends enjoyed the snow. I frankly am not too happy with the state of things\\

\\ I think you will probably like this video. It fairly sums the SXSW'08... Grow up. Wwhy did Ice Cube play in Austin?\\

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j3 said...

\\Ice Cube played Austin because he's Ice Cube and is the 5th best lyricist in the history of hip hop. His first four records are rivaled ONLY by the first four Led Zeppelin records. B'lee dat.\\

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