Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Sometimes it happens so freaking quick. It's hard to explain. I don't buy emotionally. Okay, maybe I do, but not like how some women are depicted as "emotional shoppers" like when you have a bad day you just go and buy a bunch of crap. I purchase emotionally, but not because I'm emotional. All were purchased at Ebay, my source for new kicks. One pair was absolutely necessary because Tucker chewed up a pair that I left in the backyard because it had dog crap glued to it and I didn't want to track feces across the floor. Those would be my "straight up" 574s. They're essential to my everyday life. I walk in them. I jog in them. I'd sleep in them if they were lined with lamb's fur.

While I was on, I found a dope pair of red and black 574 and dude was selling them for $40 with minimal shipping. Done.

Then, a day later, I found a screaming pair of 574 in purple and grey. I'm not normally a purple guy, but I liked the black and white and how it played off of the purple. They were relatively cheap so I threw them in for good measure. These are some church shoes right here.

Then, my mom goes calling asking what I want for my birthday and well, I had my eye on a pair of New Balance Taxis. They're the less popular 480 in a limited edition color scheme. Yeah, they're flashy. Yeah, I like flashy at times. Mahan said that at least I wouldn't have to worry about anyone shanking me for my shoes. Whatever, these things are fire! They'll land on Friday and, who knows, I might rock them on the road to Taos for the weekend. Yep, my lovely wife's taking her first ski trip. And Taos has hellasnow that'll make for perfect learning. Oh yeah, here are those Taxis. Tell me these ain't dope.

Hilary won Texas. No real surprise as all the Republicans voted for her. It's nice to know that there's always enough Republicans in Texas to screw up the primaries. And, if Hilary wins the GOP, it'll be nice to know that McCain will not necessarily win, but he won't lose. There's a difference. I ain't gonna tell you who I'm pulling for, but if you'sa educated person, you can almost deduct it. Stay in school.

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