Monday, January 26, 2009


As you might remember I've adopted for the month a sugarless approach to life. As difficult as it has been and as the end draws near (it can't come soon enough...I must have ketchup...tons of ketchup), I have to say that one practice that I certainly will keep moving forward is the replacement of standard sugar and cream in coffee to Half-and-Half and honey. While not altogether much greater for you, it's better than the powdered garbage I used to put in there. I can't tell you how many tangerines I've eaten this month. I can't even have orange juice. I have to eat it basically off the tree. The other night we went out to eat and there was a container of ketchup on the table and I swear I was about to bust the cap off (as opposed to "busting a cap in") and guzzle it down like a cold one.

I'm lucky there's not a Krispy Kreme in town or else I'd binge for three weeks. Speaking of, I learned the other day how to do screenprinting. Totally possible. It's just a matter of time and temperature. Just too cold up here to host this operation in the garage. The "Boycott Donut Stop" shirt is soon to production. We'll do a limited run of about twenty shirts just to prove it can be done and I can cross it off my resolutions list. Then we'll look for the next project. I'm thinking canvases like Andy Warhol.

Seriously, this Paul's Boutique is going to be madness. I'm listening to Sweet's "Ballroom Blitz" which, yes, is sampled in "Hey Ladies." Don't know if it'll make the final cut because "Hey Ladies" samples close to twelve different songs, but I've got it if I need it.

Think I'll give up colas for February. I still haven't had a single cola yet this year. My lovely wife suggested I ease back into sugars by having one cola and then kicking it for a month. Not a bad idea. Not really wanting a cola however. Just ketchup. I'm thinking about giving up breads, chips and tortillas for February.

My lovely wife, as some of you might know, got me poppin' on Facebook. I'm not totally impressed except for its ability to locate old friends (and notably a few old stalkers). I'll probably just use it to direct people to The Root Down. My lovely wife acted like everyone who is anyone has a Facebook page and I needed to get with it. This coming from the girl that still reads books. Seriously, who still reads books, right? Geez. So Myspace is out and Facebook is in. Got it.

Blogspot still rules all.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a freaking theme song that they played when getting off of their team jet. That's the most gangsta thing I've ever seen. Guess I'm going for the Steelers this weekend.
Two New York papers have given us an early glimpse into Joe Torre's new tell-all book, The Yankee Years. In his book Joe Torre says that Yankee players would call Alex Rodriguez “A-Fraud” and that A-Rod had a “"Single White Female"-like obsession with Derek Jeter. Haha. Just over a year removed from the team and he's already taking swings. Dude couldn't wait to come clean.
I bet the Yankees are just throwing money at this team so they can finally win a championship, prove that signing A-Rod was a good move and panned out as they had expected (back in 2004...a signing that has given them diminishing returns ever since), trade him off and have Tex take over third base duties. The last thing Jeter needs is another superfan. A sad conclusion to what should have been the most dynamic duo the game has ever seen.

Springsteen's gotta new record coming out today and I don't care. I'm sorry. I liked Springsteen when we were calling him Bob Dylan.


Anonymous said...

honey and half/half in your coffee? Move to California you wimp - you're not worthy to live in Amarillo. And Krispy Kremes? You need to take a long look in the mirror my friend.

sarahsmile3 said...

Your desire for ketchup makes me laugh. If I did not have sugar for a month I would probably crave a big, gooey cinnabon or something.

Anonymous said...

don't be hating on your lovely wife's love for books. you are just jealous!!