Thursday, January 08, 2009


I don't mind coming to terms with myself and what I hell I put myself through sometimes. This "no sugar" crap absolutely sucks. Yesterday, when stuck in Dallas trying to get home to the Yellow from Norfolk, Nebraska by way of Lincoln by way of Omaha, I'm sitting there watching my former supervisor put plan M&Ms into his bag and I thought of just clocking him so hard it'd knock him out for weeks and I would eat every small candied chocolate in that bag until they were all gone enjoying it as it melted away under the heat of my mouth.

Yep. I officially miss sugar. I'm sticking to it, but it sucks. I can't have ketchup, I can't have cream in my coffee, I can't even have a freaking rice cake because it has sugar in it. It's horrible. I can't imagine a life like this. Honey and tangerines are fine, but there's nothing like a Snickers. I can't wait. A co-worker of mine told me to ease back into it because, after not eating sugar for two years, he caught a cold and ate a whole box of cough drops and ended up almost going into cardiac arrest. Yeah, that made my lovely wife feel better. Geez. Sometimes, I just gotta learn to not tell her stuff. Like how all the avionics on our company plane went out during our landing in Nebraska so, basically, we couldn't tell how high we were off of the ground. Yeah, probably should've just told her that everything was going "well."

I don't plan on jumping back into sugar consumption, but man, what I wouldn't do for some chocolate right now.

The Money Mix is going well. Just mixed Gil Scott Heron into John Lee Hooker in honor of the same co-worker who gave me sugar advice. Yep, so far we have Jay-Z, Biggie, John Lee Hooker, O'Jays, the Kinks, the Stooges, Gucci Crew, Jackson Five, Pete Rock and CL Smooth, Geto Boys...ya'll ain't ready. You think you are, but you can't mess with these steez.

Had a good friend of mine pass away last week. Sucks. She died of natural causes if you call "cancer" natural. My brother noted that this was our first peer to die of natural causes. Guess you take an inventory when you see that happen. I listened to Nina Simone up at work on Sunday in her memory. Seemed appropriate. We hadn't been close in our older age, but we were certainly were as kids. Kinda feels like a part of my childhood died with her. Those memories are still very strong, but, I don't know, I'm just whining because it sucks. She sure was a major part of my life.

Florida just scored. Good. Love to see Oklahoma lose and Stoops with this look as his chance at a national championship once again comes out his backside in the form of a small soft turd, this time, wearing a Florida jersey with the #15 on it.Hey, Stoops, you gotta win the bigs if you wanna coach in the bigs. Fourth and four and Bradford (our darling Heisman winner) throws an incomplete pass. Eh, well, whatever. Harrell won the All-State All American. Not sure what that means, but Bradford won the Heisman and still walked off the field as a loser. Guess no season is "perfect."
Meanwhile, what was appearing to be a perfect season for the Celtics has resulted in an absolutely atrocious slide. I guess they're all headcases now after winning 19 straight. Since, they've gone 2-5 (watching footage of an Oklahoma oboe player crying...hahahahah).
I did something to my ankle which Kool Aid diagnosed as a high ankle sprain. I told him I did it in the kitchen one night while maneuvering around. He said, "You're not a real man if you did it in the kitchen." Maybe he's right, but that meal was badass. Iced it down tonight. Seems that a "high ankle sprain" sounds a little meaner and tougher than an "ankle sprain."
Exile on Main Street is a solid record. I'm sorry, Clint, for ever laughing at you. It's dope. "Rocks Off" kills. Eat a Snickers for me. In fact, eat two.


Anonymous said...

Exile on Main Street...? Stuck in a time warp? One of the more underrated Stones albums though Best all time if you're wondering Beggars Banquet, Let It Bleed and Some Girls (mainly for the rage against disco at the time but great rock and roll) best Stones single Satisfaction think it rates in top 2-3 all timers Stoops... well what more can you say

toadlift said...

I almost agree with whoever left that last comment. Those are three great albums and they rank 2nd, 3rd, and 4th on the list of Stones albums, but Exile is untouchable. If you want the full experience you have to put it in the cd player and not really dig it on the first couple of listens. Then punch your dashboard while really angry, breaking the eject feature of the cd player. Next, leave the disc in for about six months. You'll quickly realize it's greatness. Probably my favorite album of alltime.

j3 said...

...or simply find yourself trapped in an airport as your ipod dies a slow death and play it all the way through because selecting another album would drain the rest of your available juice.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like from Toadlift's experience the repetition was what sold Exile, kind of like the stones 24/7 had a similar experience with a Montrose tape that got stuck but they aren't the Stones but not bad they inspired a young sprout by the name of Eddie Van Halen to form a group using his last name like Ronnie Montrose, they all paled in comparison (stones included) to Led Zeppelin II which ruled the early 70's

j3 said...

...aye aye...zeppelin II is a great record--probably my most favorite zep record over time...however, if you're going by rolling stone's ratings (the top 500 albums of all time), exile comes in at #7 (the top rated stones record) and zep II comes in at #76 behind physical graf, I and zoso.

and montrose sucks...

and nelson named their band using their last name...not good company.

Anonymous said...

I see:
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Beatles
Pet Sounds, The Beach Boys
Revolver, The Beatles
Highway 61 Revisited, Bob Dylan
Rubber Soul, The Beatles
What's Going On, Marvin Gaye
Exile on Main St., The Rolling Stones
London Calling, The Clash
Blonde on Blonde, Bob Dylan
The Beatles (The White Album), The Beatles
Wouldn't disagree too much with any of those, would have moved Abbey Road into the top 10, my favorite behind Sgt Peppers
RS always loved Dylan and with good reason, he's light years beyond any songwriter over the last couple of centuries
Disagree with your Montrose assessment, they were a decent 70s rock band on par with Foghat.

j3 said...

"on par with Foghat"

I just want those words across the back of a shirt...nothing else.