Thursday, January 22, 2009


Enjoy some Funkadelic today. Conceptualizing a tribute to Beastie Boys' Paul's Boutique which is 20 years old this year. Capitol is reissuing it as some super expensive and expansive piece when, let's be real, if they really wanted to do everyone a favor, reissue it and keep it in the $9.99 range. All their going to do is to adjust the levels so you can actually hear it. Waiting twenty years for a proper recording of one of the finest hip hop records ever and then asking us to pay a 20 year old price is played. Just listening to The Incredible Bongo Band's "Last Bongo in Belgium" (off of Bongo Rock--inspiration behind The Root Down Bongo Tee) as sampled in "Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun"--geez, Paul's kills.

Red Sox tickets go on sale Saturday at 9AM. Guess where I'll be. Yep, right here with guns a-blazing. Looking to plan a trip to the northeast to do Boston and New York. A trip that will include a fly-by the corner where the cover of Paul's Boutique was originally photographed on the Lower East Side. Then to the brownstone buildings where the cover of Physical Graffiti was photographed. I'll try to avoid making it a trip where I just go visit places where famous album art was photographed. Oh yeah, the cover of Freewheelin' Bob Dylan was shot down in Greenwich Village. Yes, I am sick.

Celtics are starting to win again. They put it to the Heat last night on the road. Tonight, it's the Orlando Magic. We'll see if they're truly back.


Anonymous said...

Hoist one to Dylan Thomas while you are in the Village - place ain't what is used to be

Anonymous said...

I got your blog-link from a friend... and wanted to just say "thanks"!

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