Tuesday, January 20, 2009


But I have a logo. And it's better than your stupid little ski team.

Inaugural (that's like totally the buzz word today...what's going on?) slalom will take place on the front side of Wolf Creek on the last day of February. I'll be taking with me three others, presumably on boards. I've yet to establish a Roundhouse Board Team. I bet I'd have more members. Oh well, the right path is not always the most popular.

Former President George W. made his first stop out of D.C. today in Midland, Texas. That's a big splash in a small pool. Wonder if Bro Bro got stuck behind that motorcade. He said that tomorrow morning, he'll wake up, make some coffee for Laura, read the paper, go for a jog, head to the fishing hole to do some fishing and then come back to the ranch and call some friends and catch up. Not much of a departure from what he's been doing for the last eight years.

Sorry, that was just too easy. Maybe a little unfair. Ups to W. Don't know what his legacy will be. We'll probably only know over time. Same with Obama. At least Kanye will be happy. A happy Kanye is a happy industry. Gimme another record, Kanye. And one that doesn't suck.

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sarahsmile3 said...

I will be skiing but am not good enough to be on your team.
Danny on a snow board....can't wait to see that!