Friday, March 13, 2009


My nephew's the best. Parker J came up for my birthday last weekend and, like a bad uncle, I'm just getting around to throwing up these pictures. Dude rocks hard the Root Down bongo tee. Of course, no Root Down kiddie shirt is complete with out the small smear of saliva near the collar.
Duke's got the "cute" gene. Whatta heartbreaker. And he's awfully opinionated too. Just like his father. And, well, like his uncle for that matter. Here, he let's me know what he thinks of my new sideburns. I know, little man, my lovely wife hates them also.

Uh oh! I'm gonna have to fire off the "socks with sandals" alert on Parker. Maybe he's European. Only kids who don't dress themselves can pull off that look. God bless'm.

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