Friday, March 20, 2009


Courtesy of Sarahtopia.Blogspot, here's just a few of the photos from the trip. Firstly, yes, that's my new hat. It's hella warm. I bought that sucka for only 12 bucks off some weird woman who told Dale he was "beautiful" in a hat he tried on. So overwhelmed I guess from her compliment, Dale bought the freaking thing. She didn't tell me I was beautiful, but she didn't need to. I know I am. Gonna have to pack it up until next season though. Winter just really didn't come to Texas this year. Here's Dale modelling his new hat and, I agree, from one man to another, he looks does look beautiful in it. We were also modelling two new harmonicas as played "C Jam" for about half an hour in a break between domino hands.
The great thing for Dale and I about a harmonica after spending years of our lives playing bass, is they're mad portable. You don't need a hatchback. Just a back pocket. I wish, though, they had harmonicas with more of a bass register. That'd be the one I'd tote. Danny was having a difficult night at the table. We'll blame it on the slight concussion leading to an imbalance that threw off his domino vision and ability to count past four.
March Madness is off to a blinding start. Yes, I correctly picked Western Kentucky with 9 points. Yes, I'm that good. Still in last place, though. I really thought Radford had a chance.
Celtics get Kage back tonight against the Spurs in San Antone. The aforementioned Danny will be in the house watching it live. Jealous. Guarantee my seat here at the house will be more comfortable, cheaper and a better view.

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