Tuesday, March 17, 2009


After busting a throw-up on Okayplayer (the definitive music spot and a super spot for diggers' input and advice) inquiring as to the origins of one of the baddest records on Fear of a Black Planet, "War at 33 1/3", I got nuttin'. I mean, dude's couldn't even name the drums on that track. One guy said, "I think the cymbals/hi-hats are Donald Byrd," while another cat added, "the problem is the Bomb Squad's technique required so many damn samples for just one song, thats its almost impossible without liner notes." There's probably 10-15 samples playing at the same time and not one head can name one. If you're ready for your head to explode, click the following. And, this is just the instrumental...imagine it with Chuck D on top of it. Just don't make 'em like they used to. Never will.

After the thread ended with 130+ views and nothing conclusive, I determined that, without properly breaking down one of the greatest records on the greatest hip hop record ever recorded, I conceded and wrote Owen an email simply stating, "The Fear project has been permenantly suspended. I will never attempt to replicate the greatness of the Bomb Squad. Fear is the perfect record and nothing I can do would ever make it better. The Bomb Squad is greatness. I'm sorry for ever thinking I could do it." Chomp on this trailer for Copyright Criminals. Ain't seen it, but the trailer looks mad ill.

Don't wait on the Fear mix. It ain't happening. I got some other treats for you instead. I love you.

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