Friday, April 03, 2009


More than a year ago, I ambitiously embarked on what could only be described as possibly the most insane list ever: j3's Best 333 Songs in Hip Hop History. Not sure how far I made it. I would be easy to go back and check, but needless to say, I bit off more than I could possibly digest. The list was complete, but to maintain a certain level of literary dignity on The Root Down (yes, "literary dignity"), it's more than simply posting the's an explanation of why. I don't do just lists. So as companies are cutting back or pulling back on the reins, I've decided to severely alter it by cutting it 90% to save me time, energy, delivery costs and possibly sanity. We'll be doing the Best 33 Songs in Hip Hop History, of course, according to The Root Down. The contents of the list are not to be argued or debated. Y'don't like it, I think they still hand out blogs for free. Go get one.

I am freshening up the list, though, because at last review, I saw that some portions of it (even at the top) were slightly inaccurate given my pilgrimage into the earliest hip hop from the last two years with Da Pocket Prophet.

Trust me, this cutback comes with good reason. Ultimately, it's about survival. The savings we'll make here will benefit us in the long run. Think long term.

Man, I forgot how good cereal is. I've eaten more cereal in the last month than I have in the last two decades.

Happy Friday. Opening Day's right around the corner. Some fantasy baseball analyst said that "Youk is a fluke." Yeah, that's fantasy.

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