Friday, April 10, 2009


I would say that thunderstorms and Roundhouse softball are the only two reasons I like the spring. That being said, there's nothing better than Roundhouse softball. Even better is starting out the season 2-0 after taking the Devil Dogs, 13-8, and then run-ruling Budweiser, 18-6. Even more awesome is we did it in sustained winds of 20-25 MPH. That's what you get with West Texas softball.

Just saw that the Plainview Peanut Company on CNN Headline News this morning as one of the two plants in the company fined for the salmonella outbreak. Awesome.

Anyhow, I was saying, had two additions to the team, Chris and Greg. Both held their own last night putting together both an offensive output that fueled the barrage of runs and a defensive front that quelled a late comeback from the Devil Dogs. Nice having new blood, but just like all of us, you gotta prove it on the field. Nothing's handed to you. In a move of significant testicular fortitude, Chris rounded third as the ball was being relayed in from centerfield. He feinted at darting home and the centerfielder dared him by yelling "Do it!" like Chris wouldn't run home on his arm. So Chris just sprinted towards home and beat the play by a few good steps. From that point on, the game started to unravel on the centerfielder. Meanwhile, Chris cemented his position on the team as a gutsy and sometimes too-stupid-for-his-own-good baller (we have a few of those), but nonetheless, an impressive player. I'm just glad none of the new guys throw like girls. That's my only criteria, honestly.

I think we moved up a league from last year because not only is it a two-homer league, but there's a team that dresses like the old San Diego Padres (pants and all...they have matching belts) and call themselves "Dats Wuts Up." Whatta waste of a good uniform. Personally, I think Roundhouse is a much doper name. They sure look sharp though in their get-ups. Have considered a redesign on the jersey, but our flag still waves. When you see such nice jerseys, it means two things: either they're super good or their sponsor has stupid cheddah. We saw them play and they're super good.

Man, nothing kicks off Good Friday like Eric B and Rakim. I know that sounds weird, but it's true.

I held down third base last night. Don't know if it's a permanent position for me because I know some dudes play it better, but I at least played the part last night. Think Mike Schmidt meets Wilford Brimley.

My other team (and, yes, they'll always be my "other" team) is the Westminster Bruise Bros. We started the season 0-2, but techically, neither of those counted, luckily. They were pretty ugly losses, but everyone's spirit is good. I'd say that losing builds three times more character than winning. It's a balance that's necessary in ones life.

That being said, the Sox went 1-2 in their first series of the season against the Rays in Boston. We got the Angels this weekend. It'd be nice if we could recover a few of those games. Still I'd rather start off 1-2 against the Rays than against the Orioles (Spankees).

Eh, sports talk. I know all you non-sporty folk love it. The other day, a co-worker heard me listening to Ahmad Jamal and asked what I was listening to. I told him and then he told me that "it sounds like porno music."

"I suppose alot of my music sounds like that," I replied.

Happy Good Friday folks and don't eat the peanuts from Plainview.

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