Thursday, March 23, 2006


Just about a week out from the first pitch of the baseball season. Ace and Gary show their enthusiasm above. Sawx start out on the road in Arlington against the Danglers, eh hmm, I mean the Rangers. Bronson, or King Brushback as I know him, got traded to the Reds for Wily Mo Pena. Mo swings quite a bat, but he's young and needs some guidance. I'm sure he'll benefit from taking batting tips from Papi and Manny.

Someone said recently that they like my blog (and who doesn't?) but all the words makes him tired. Maybe a little text-heavy.

I'm out sick today. Got just over an hour and half of sleep last night. Watched Saved by the Bell this morning. I thought it was the episode when Zack and Slater got in a fight over some girl, but turns out it was the episode when Zack was trying to date Slater's sister and Slater took offense. Slater's sister was kinda hot which doesn't explain where Slater got that jheri-curl ugliness.

Lucky me, while I'm out sick, I gotta handle plumbing issues. Last night, I'm walking by the kitchen and I hear a fountain of water. I turn on the lights to see the sink flowing over onto the floor. I'm not talking a dribble--more like a Las Vegas water exhibit. I suppose I'll make that call in a few minutes.

Danny and Duke, under the name Newox, recorded their first single "Welcome Home" down in Austin over SXSW. Pretty hot. I had Danny on the phone while I listened to it and I couldn't stop laughing. Danny said, "Dude, this ain't a comedy record!" I then explained it was just so freakin cool to hear him on record that I couldn't stop laughing. Here's a review: Danny shows he's a firespittin' lyricist with the ability to wow listeners with his wordplay as well as propell the crowd into a fist-pumpin' lovefest. Duke, using Black Merda's ultra-funky blast of guitars, horns and hollers, proves there's more to this musicmaker than just conventional instrumentation--now spreading his interest to digital music production.

And I can't say I know of another Duke in hip hop. Speaking of Duke, Sweet Sixteen play begins tonight. Must sleep. Very tired.

Not sick as in good, sick as in *cough*.

Happy Thursday.

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