Thursday, March 16, 2006


Yeah, that's right. March Madness is in full effect. My brother's feeling it. I'm feeling it.

Who can't love March?

You got my birthday. You got the bracket. You got a chance at some good snow on a mountain. You got St. Paddy's. You got spring training. You got SXSW (where my boys are, eh hmm, and girl). It's a mega-collision of collossal fun. It's just madness.

I started out on the brackets in pretty good shape today. Picked three upsets (Montana, Winthrop [where the hell is Winthrop?] and Wisconsin-Milwaukee) and won two of them. Came only two points from taking the third (that being Winthrop). Sucks, that would've been a 15 seed beating a 2 which is tough to call. Well, I came close today. But as they say, close only counts in horse shoes and contagious viruses.

Got a whole slew of games tonight which I will be enjoying while I work on big ol' j3 Ski Extravaganza post which hopefully will hit the highway tomorrow.

Laters days. Go San Diego State!

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