Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Meet my brother's friend Jeremiah.

Good lookin' kid, right? Well, he's also holds the distinction as the greatest shakeface ever delivered in this history of the world. You're truly not ready for this. It is the most incredible shakeface. It is both the best and the worst all rolled into one. It is the best because it resembles nothing remotely close to the Jeremiah we know above. It's the worst because it is completely frightening. It's the stuff that even the most experienced makeup/special effects technician couldn't replicate. It's horrible. It's horribly magnificent.

Prepare yourself.

You're not ready.

My father would be so proud.

Here it is.

And, yes, that is a Price is Right nametag. My brother and Jeremiah were in line for auditions. More on that later.

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