Friday, March 02, 2007


Being that I'm a fan of basketball, but my Celtics are the worst team in the league, I've directed much of my attention to the "local" Mavs who are on probably their meanest tear in the history of the franchise and, without a doubt, quickly on their way to a championship. Again, I'm drawn to the character they call "Dirk." This man is an incredible specimen that can bang the boards and then drop out and nail 30-footers. He's a beast, a monster, an absolute freak of nature and I marvel at his skills on the court. For that reason, I'm officially coining the word "Nowitzki'd" in hopes that one day it will become a term used in a Sportscenter broadcast and will be the catch-phrase of the league. To get "Nowitzki'd," is to get schooled, learned, taught a hard lesson with the sharp edge of the sword. "Nowitzki'd" is when you didn't "bring it," but it was "brought upon you." Some might say, let me see, "getting your ass kicked."

The man you see in the lower left hand corner just got Nowitzki'd. Look at that power in that dunk. Man, you just don't see that kind of fervor behind dunks anymore in the league. They're gonna have to reinforce the rims if he's gonna be coming down like that.
Here, Dirk Nowitzki'd himself at a bar back when the Mavs weren't the top team in the league. He ponders, at this moment, "Maybe coming to Dallas was the worst move ever." Glad things turned around for him.
My previous attempt at launching a term to fame on Sportscenter failed miserably. I think, due in large part, that I never blasted it up on The Root Down for a proper launch. Above you see Dirk getting "Ginob'lized" which means to get "owned by a person of much smaller stature."

Got on Myspace last night after my wife spent a couple of hours searching for people from high school. I decided to do the same. I really was just looking for people who put on weight or came out of the closet. I know that sounds cruel, but I'm in pretty close contact on a normal basis with most of my friends from high school. Found sweet Davona (I call her D.D. still) and Coby among a few others. Reminisced a little. It was a good experience for me. I haven't thought about alot of these people for a long time and shamefully admit that.

I was slightly disturbed, however, at a number of people who I'm convinced are fluffing their income amounts. One girl was quoting an annual income of larger than $225,000. Not all too coincidently, she was also single. In fact, I found anytime someone was quoting a abnormally large income, they were single. The married folks were pretty honest, it seemed.

Horrible tornado in Alabama. Even worse coverage of it by FoxNews. They're interviewing a student who was inside the high school in which seven of his classmates were killed. Dude asks the kid, "Were the students pretty much freaked out?"

Alright, gotta get to work. Holla.


Davona said...

Yeah ya found me :D I missed the hell outta ya! I am glad you looked around for the fat and gay people! LMAO!!! So where are you now are you in dallas of all places???? Last I heard you were kicking ass and taking names in amarillo :P So I want some details damnit I am all lost in the world of what happened to jeff :P So let me know and soon as I have no patience :P My babies are fabulous! You should add me to your myspace and then able to look at my pics :) they are just gorgeous! ok, ok , I will stop the mushy mom shit! Chester and I are doing great :) been married for 8 years and together for 9 this may :) love love love dah dun dah love love love . . . .lol! I would love to get together sometime before I die :P ya know could be a pipe dream could be reality who knows :P Anyway I am gonna stop rambleing and go pack some more. . . hit me up on myspace and I will throw ya my new info and digits!

Take care jeff *big hugs*
D.D. (just for you)

TX said...

Is this new word any relation to "Pottsneagled!"?