Friday, March 23, 2007



Yep, we're mere days away from the start of the season so let's all come together in a few rousing moments of Yankee hate.

Let's start with this guy. Foul territory is always tricky. Especially tricky if you're a mindless, drunk Yankee fan. Watch this dude take one right on the cheekbone. Yowsa!

Then there's this lady who, to start, is way too ecstatic about her front row minor league tickets, but then again, she's a Yankee fan and she's excitable. Apparently she didn't read the signs in her territory that warned of screaming foul balls and, in her brief moment basking in the limelight WHAP! right in the melon. Oh the hilarity! At least she got a visit from the mascot out of it.

So begins another baseball season. Sox look good this year, but I fear the ramifications of putting over $100 million into a freaking pitcher, but whatever. I don't write the checks, I just complain about who's receiving them. Gonna be hard to imagine this team without the horse Trot Nixon. Dude defined "hustle." I'll be naming my first-born in his honor.

Even if my first-born is a female. She'll just have to deal with it.

On a completely unrelated note, let me tell you that I can punch holes in any music store's selection by the absence of four records: Wu Tang's first record, De La Soul is Dead, It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back and, a record I've been listening to again for the past week, Jeru the Damaja's first record, The Sun Rises in the East. You can never find this album at retail yet it somehow scans 60-70 units a week which, notably, is twice what De La Soul is Dead scans on a weekly basis. While 60-70 units a week doesn't sound like a lot, those 60-70 units represent people who have lost tolerance for the chains not supporting the realness and those 60-70 units are like little daggers into the selection and inventory systems of bigbox retailers across the country which were designed, constructed and run on the premise that rap catalog doesn't sell. If retail supported rap like they continue to support jazz (a category who's top catalog title scans 1,600--Miles Davis' Kind of Blue), the music retail world would be a much better place. It's a bunch of old heads still running the game. Dude's need to stop frontin' and come clean.


K-Fleet said...

It's kind of funny, I was wondering the other day what the heck happened to Jeru. Does the great swami J3 know?

j3 said...

still recording...actually did a track with frank n' dank of detroit-slum-dilla fame last year.

he fell to the indie circuit where he released two somewhat forgettable releases...but his legacy exists in his first two records.