Friday, March 30, 2007


You're the bomb in so many ways and while the birthday wish on my blog is as genuine as actually showing up to your party this weekend, the miles get the better of me again. You came into our lives as a DJ, took care of us like a mother, talked like a sailor and married my best friend. In so many ways that cannot be counted, you kill. All the boys will be celebrating in your name this weekend. I'm going to name my steak "Wes," drown him sauce and eat him with a pile of pinto beans. Hooray for Sarah!
And in ankle injury news, a fella named Garbajosa broke his ankle while going for a block on a drive by the great Al Jefferson of the Celtics. The thing snapped like a twig and Garbajosa begins shouting, at which point, Al turns around, looks at the ankle, says, "Nah, dawg," and continues to walk away. Also, look at the reaction of the Raptor bench who collectively cringe and squirm at the sight of Garbajosa's injury. The trainer walks up and drapes a towel over it like a dead soldier. Great ankle injury footage. I hope this Garbajosa guy's alright.

Sorry for the shortage of updates of late. I've been so damn busy. I got sick, but I was so busy, I could only be sick for half a day. The rain in the Yellow just doesn't stop coming. We're supposed to get hit again today. The only thing that I find annoying about rain in the Yellow is not the rain itself, but that it prevents real news from getting coverage for about a week and a half later. Weather is weather. Tornadoes are news, but weather is weather. If it's going to rain, let me know that it will, but if it does, don't tell me it did. And if you do, don't do it for a week afterwards. Weather does not replace global or national news. The local news peeps are just too lazy to find the real dirt to report on. "Let's talk some more about the rain."

Go listen to some MF Doom and respect yourself.


sarahsmile3 said...

Thanks, Jeffro. I'll miss you guys as I celebrate, but I know I will see you soon. We gotta do it to it!
Enjoy the steak. I am enjoying thininking about it.

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