Friday, May 23, 2008


...and it wasn't entirely on purpose. More like accident. I'm needing it though. I'm so freaking tired. So glad it's Friday. Thinking about maybe sleeping on Saturday which, if you know me, is something I absolutely never do.

Listening to DJ Quik this morning. Dude, this cat started out so hard and ended up so corny. It's funny because as I load Da Pocket Prophet, I wonder if I am, in fact, writing its eulogy. I looked at the hip hop charts yesterday and the top title didn't even crack 15,000 units nationwide. Yeah, I suppose someone could say that most of the "scans" aren't charted, but when you're genre leading artist can't even crap out 20,000 in a week, is the genre still viable? Geez, electronic music's top title can hit 7,500 units with almost nothing going. Maybe hip hop is dead. It's hard to believe, but it's hit such a stagnant point. Maybe this Lil Wayne record coming out in June will put it back on track. Maybe it's just a dry spell.

I can't really say I'd be bummed if it was the end of hip hop (gasp!). Maybe I need the coffee to kick in. But if hip hop ended today, don't I have enough material to last me for the rest of my life. Can't I find consolation in old Nice and Smooth records? Why can't I still discover groups like the Dream Warriors? Is it okay to not look forward to a new De La Soul project but rather enjoy what they've already contributed? Is it really worth keeping hip hop alive if we have to tolerate Soulja Boy? Wouldn't it be better to die a respectable death? I should stop there. I'll probably get kicked out of the club.

Celtics lost at home. If you're counting at home, that means they have to win on the road--something they've failed to do yet after two rounds in the playoffs. Geez. I'll be watching Game 5 from Philadelphia. Hoping that won't be the last we see of the C's this year. Still hoping for a Celtics/Lakers championship.

This is gonna sound really weird, but I had a dream about David Lee Roth last night. It was David Lee Roth in his prime not hairless, old-lady David Lee. There really wasn't much to it except that we were close friends. It's like take Danny and replace him with David Lee Roth (sorry Danny). We're just walking through my old neighborhood and he's dressed in his traditional Roth cloth. He was talking to me but going in and out of the "Just a Gigalo" scat talk. It was really bizarre, but made me miss David Lee Roth. So here, let's just throw a photo montage up in honor of David Lee.
Really, how can you like Sammy Hagar? Hagar ain't bustin' no high kicks. I mean, I don't even consider Hagar's Halen as Van Halen. It's just not Van Halen. It's would be like calling Audioslave "Rage Against the Machine." Look, the singers are so dynamically different, they're not even the same band in my mind. I'll call them Van Montrose or something. Maybe there's nothing wrong with Hagar except that he's not David Lee Roth.
And David Lee put up with some shit. I mean, people hated on this cat hardcore. I don't get it. He absolutely resembled the very best of rock. Powerful vocals, stage presence, sexuality. Saying you think Hagar was better than David Lee Roth is like saying, "Robert Plant who?! Nah, David Coverdale." Y'playin yaself.
It's like every morning, the predictions about gas costs get worse and worse. This morning, they're saying that gas could rise to $7.00 a gallon. Maybe that'll take care of all the SUV's on the road. Look, I don't want $7.00 gas, but at the same time, I've been doing everything I can over the last few years to be less reliant on fuel altogether. I walk everywhere. And if I'm not walking, I'm riding. I'll take up flying like a bird if I have to. I ain't paying no $7.00 a gallon. Americans are stupid by nature though. Someone would pay it. Yeah, there's some cat in an Expedition or Executioner that will still roll around solo blasting his music so people will look at him for $7.00 a turn. It's a hard lesson for us as Americans. I'm not saying we deserve it, necessarily, but maybe these hardships will teach us something in the way the Great Depression crafted an entire generation out of our grandparents. I don't know. Maybe we're too stupid to learn anything.

Well, the Roundhouse won its last game of the season beating the Aztecas 8-3. It was the Roundhouse at the very best. It was a full-on assault of defense, offense, Newman dropping his shoulder on the catcher and getting ejected. It was disputed, but whatever, I shouldn't have sent him from third. Of course, I say that, but if you know Newman, it's not like he was going to stop anyway. That catcher made a helluva play anyway. Short field, hard winds blowing in and fast outfielders. Yeah, nothing's getting passed us.

The old Roundhouse design will get one more wear during our tournament next week and then it'll be retired for the new style.I love the old design alot. I always will, but it's time for a refresh. Every design needs a refresh. It's like when they changed the adidas logo. Or switched from the old Looney Tunes oriole to the actual bird (although I like the old logo). It's time for a change. So, I officially present to you (again), the new style.
Believe it or not, I'm still working on getting them pressed, but it'll get done hell or high water. I am taking orders. I got an order from all the way up in Yankeeland. Kris is in for one. Don't know if my Austin peeps would like one (or two). I would estimate the cost at about $15-17. Bro Bro? Just reply to the post with quantity and size. I'll give you the weekend to put in your requests. Kris, please post your size below. Don't be shy about wearing a medium. It's alright.


sarahsmile3 said...

Dale and I would Like one. I am a medium in ladies and a small in men's. Dale is your size....whatever that is. I really don't know his size, but I estimate it to be about the same as you. How do we pay?

TX said...

I'm in for an XL. If I can still get my grubbies on an old one too, I'm in for that XL as well.


K-Fleet said...

Ha, a medium, there's only so much gangsta in a medium, so I gotta roll with a large. It may fit a little loose, and get caught in fences when I'm havin' to scale them to get away from the cops, but I gotta have my comfort, so large it is.