Monday, May 12, 2008


Everybody wants to rap. It's the American dream. To grab that mic and spit the illest style. They all want a piece of that glory. And Chamblee High School in Atlanta is making that dream come true with the student run battle show, "Iron Mic." Now, these dudes are the sickest emcees ever and their just in high school. The first matchup pairs a dude named Alphabet Soup up with some dinosaur dude who raps in different languages. Kinda unfair when no one else in the room speaks those languages. Like, "Dude, I totally served you in Latin!" Alright, I guess we'll have to take your word for it.

And I don't battle at all, but I'm sure somewhere in the rules is a provision about no written rhymes. I mean, sticking with the "freestyle" theme and all. That being said, these are some of the blazin'-est rhymes I've ever heard. I mean, how do you recover from this heat? I like how the second dude is looking for the camera before he starts. Homie, you're supposed to face your opponent, not camera #1.

Truth is, both of these dudes are teachers. Yeah, the first dude does say, "Bitch, shut your mouth or I'll wreck it." Priceless. I'm glad their up to such good work at Chamblee. Yep, children are the future. How is that Marv-O is still in high school? He's gotta be tipping 30 years old.

Danny, don't worry, I tracked down some nice Eli footage for you because I knew you were hoping to get another glimpse of his greatness. In time, my young reader, in time.

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