Monday, June 16, 2008


Last night, I became convinced that, even though they forced a Game 6 back in Boston, the Los Angeles Lakers are not champions. Even in their wins, they lose. They're being out-played, out-hustled, out-shot, out-benched, out-defensed. Hell, in some cases, in last night's game, they're fans are even being out-cheered by the Celtic bench. I'm not sure if Boston is a champion. I'm not sure if they win, but I can tell you this: the Lakers are not a championship team. They're fakers. It makes me wonder what everyone saw to call Lakers in 6. I mean, it was an overwhelming number of people picking the Lakers. They're actors. They're acting like champions. But like everything else in Los Angeles, it's a front. It's not real. Phil Jackson is like Spielberg and Kobe is like Bruce Willis leaping from the 80th floor. We'll see how your Disney magic works out on the East Coast.

I know you all are getting tired of Finals talk. I don't care. I got up late and I woke up pissed off that the Celtics didn't win last night because, let's face it, that game was theirs to win. So, with my limited minutes this morning, you get sports talk.

It's hot in this country. It's not global warming. It's summer.

I didn't know that TASER is actually an acronym. It's named after a fictional literary character Tom Swift. It stands for Thomas A. Swift's Electric Rifle. That's tight. Tight that they consider a little hand-held device a "rifle." I guess, if it was a "gat," it'd be a taseg. Or if it was "handcannon," it'd be a taseh. Rifle it is.

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Go on and keep talking finals.