Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Welcome the newest member of the j3 family--the j3 Juggernaut II. No, I don't listen to Nelly Futardo, eh hmm, Furtado. He's a silver, 80GB beast of a player with higher levels of functionality and fashion not to mention...ah screw it. It's a replacement. My iPod got jacked and it sucks.

I never want to be defined by my stuff. I never want people to think that I have more stuff than substance. I know people like that and I really despise them...on multiple levels. You don't want your legacy to be stolen and stuff can get stolen. Much like what happened to my Juggernaut when my car was broken into in the middle of the night. As much as I've tried to brush it off, after now waiting for two weeks for my car to get fixed, I'm learning that it's becoming a little difficult to live with. Maybe I should separate the two circumstances. My car's not fixed. I have no iPod. My car's not fixed because the adjuster that looked at my car said it would be only about $150 to fix (minus the stereo replacement). Turns out that Honda wants $800 to do the job. Yeah, slightly off. I don't know if insurance adjusting is their calling. Turns out getting that $650 difference is proving a challenge. That's one part. And, yep, not having air conditioning in the summer sucks. But, then again, I rarely use it anyway because 1) I don't drive much and 2) my drive is only a mile and a half typically.
This weekend, despite having more players than I probably need, I found myself getting agitated by the iPod situation. Realizing that the refurbs in the marketplace are decent players and usually worth the investment, I just went ahead and got a replacement--except I had to replace up with 80 gigs. It was a trying moment to sit down with a new player, empty, waiting for music, eager to serve--completely empty. Where do I start? Better yet, how do I start?
I plug in the iPod to find out that it's not empty. I begins playing Michael Buble. What the? I scroll through it to find Snoop Dogg, Brooks and Dunn, Eagles. Shoot me in the face. It's like finding out someone was murdered in your home after you move in. I find it odd how, for me, certain combinations of artists can most definitely wipe out the possibility of friendship. Combining Buble, Snoop Dogg and the Eagles on one player doesn't even warrant acquaintance status. Someone didn't clear it out before reselling. It comes with buying refurbs. I wipe out what's left on the pod, take a deep breath and ask again, "How do I start?"
Well, I start where anyone would and that's with Funkadelic's Maggot Brain. Then I loaded on some Beasties. Then some David Bowie. Some Bob Dylan. Some Miles. Some Sly. Album by album. As painful as it was, I couldn't hold it against this new player. It's not his fault. The most frustrating part of the process was spending two hours loading crap onto the iPod and then tracking your progress by looking at the capacity used bar only to find you barely made a dent in it. I gotta long way to go. I keep thinking back to the first Juggernaut. That puppy had about 25 gigs loaded on it. I'm on the fourth gig and I've been loading intensely for about two days.
Just loaded the Beach Boys' Smiley Smile. I think the new iPod will represent the very worst in music snobbery. No Pet Sounds. Just Smiley Smile.
Don Imus got all racist again after asking, about PacMan Jones' legal woes, "What color is he?" After his co-host replied "African-American," Don returned, "Well, there you go." Geez, this dude has a holster full of objectionable comments.
I'm now convinced that the New Balance 574 is, without a shred of doubt, the greatest shoe ever made.
It's 5:20AM and I've been up for two hours. How's your morning going?
Going to Houston this weekend with the David Riesenbergs to watch some hot baseball action between the Red Sox and the Astros. The Sox suck right now. I mean, they're in first place, but they suck. I don't know how much sense that makes. Youks got popped in the eye last night playing toss. Dude's a Gold Glover and he gets busted in the eye playing catch. Papi's out. Manny's struggling. Beckett's hitable. Matsuzaka got shelled the other night. Schilling's out for the season. Middle relief is terrible. Paplebon's never been more shakier. It's amazing we can pinch off enough wins to stay out of the cellar.
I'm tired. Very tired. Must have more coffee. Eggs with hot sauce.

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