Monday, June 02, 2008


Woke up to Tux barking like crazy in the back yard. Went out to find Tux and Jax along the back fence barking and nabbing at something on the ground. I walk up to the commotion and grab the dogs by the collar and pull them away to find a half-living, half-dead, half-skinned possum laying on the ground gasping for his last breath.

That's disgusting. I grab a snow shovel, scrape it up off the ground and toss it over the fence into my jerk neighbor's yard making it his problem. I don't have any problem telling you this because they lady's got no computer and watches Animal Planet all day. Hell, maybe she's seen something on there about how to administer aid to a dying possum. Here ya go, lady. Get to work.

How's your morning?

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