Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So, I sit down for Game 3--Lakers and Celtics. Spent all day waiting to enjoy another Laker flogging. My lovely wife, who was actually planning on going to the gym and leaving me behind at the house decided to hang back with me and watch the game. I just finished off my meatballs, cracked open a beer and was ready for action. And now to sing tonight's National Anthem, American Idol winner David Cook! I can't win. I just can't win. David came out and nailed it. What the hell? My lovely wife was swooning next to me the whole time.

I guess, unlike James Taylor, it's not that I really hate David Cook. It's just that he reminds me of all my inferiority. I don't sing (like that--I can sing and some might add that I can sing quite well), I wasn't voted to victory by millions of Americans and I don't have that beautiful smile. I'm jealous. It'll wear off. Especially when his record comes out.

Speaking of records, Lil Wayne is on pace to outsell Kanye's huge first week. Hell, he might go platinum in one week. Possible? Yep. Probable? Slightly. Funny how just earlier this year, industry insiders and writers (sometimes myself included--although I fall into neither category) were writing off the genre altogether.

Lil Wayne's first day number has got to be somewhere around 600,000 units. 1,000,000 might be within reach. It defies all logic really. In a day when they had written off rap's selling power and replaced it with the dreaded Tween Takeover where kid-focused drivel dominates the charts like Hannah Montana, The High School Musical Soundtrack, Jonas Brothers...Eeeeyuk, Brother J says, "Yuk." In a day when the mixtape game hit saturation point and there were numerous concerns about an mixtape-friendly artist like Wayne having his sales jeopardized by competing mixtape product. In a day where illegal downloading and sharing is at an all-time high with expendible income at an all-time low. In a day where it costs you about $10.00 a day just to get up, eat breakfast and go to work and then come home again. In a day where distrust and disconnect between fans and the industry over high-priced, low-quality product is most commonplace. A parental advisory title without the benefit of cross-format radio saturation and coming from a guy who definitely is not as PG-13 as Kanye Weezy. Yep, Lil Wayne put it back on track. Let's not forget that the rap game is the only genre that could potentially go platinum in a week. Ain't no Mariah Carey. Ain't no High School Musical. Ain't no U2. Ain't no System of a Down. No one can put up those kinda numbers like the rap game.

The real buzzkill of the day was this...

Yep, Boggs got broken into and had his after-market stereo swiped along with my air conditioning controls, iPod and use of my blinkers (which I found out at an intersection with some lady laying on her horn behind me--Relax, homey, you're only two minutes away in this town.) He didn't take my grandfather's old-ass golf clubs, my new softball glove (thank goodness) or the new Roots and Portishead records (which were laying on the seat and fingerprinted). Those albums are badass. Guess there's not much to be said for his taste. Guess, too, I can't assume that it was a dude. Maybe it was Angelina Jolie.

Funniest part is they cleaned out my glove compartment which consisted of an iPod (which has become a backseat player to Da Pocket Prophet and Da Pocket Preacher), a multi-tool and one of those leather sleeves that has car receipts and insurance except he took out my car insurance card and kindly set it on the floorboard. I thought that was pretty sweet of him.

Celtics lost last night too making my day a little worse. We still lead 2-1. I really wish that we could put them in an 0-3 hole in front of Jack Nicholson and Donald Sutherland. Have Rajon Rondo slap Steven Spielberg as he runs past him for putting out The Terminal. We'll see if we can do it on Thursday night. Either way, we got a ticket back to Boston, but it'd sure be nice to steal one in LA.

It's humpday. Holla atcha boy.


K-Fleet said...

Even though I plugged it at every oportunity I could, I was kind of disgruntled to see so many people overlook Plies new CD and go straight for Weezy with nothing else in-hand. Maybe it's a sign of our economic state, maybe there's just not enough marketing for him. I haven't had a chance to listen to them, but picked up both. I'm sure I'll like Plies more, as I feel Weezy is just too overrated.

Seeing your face looking at what once was the spot of your car radio was very familiar, since I've had 2 or 3 stolen over the years. When it happened to me, I wanted to break someone's neck.

sarahsmile3 said...

Sorry about your radio. I had 3 different radios stolen from my old truck. A former thief that was currently employed at Starbucks told me that A. the mazda B2300 was notoriously easy to break into with a slim jim and B. The year I had alerted thieves that I must have a new CD player as they did not provide them in the truck that year. Sucked to be me. I would freak out if my ipod were stolen. I carry that bitch with me, now.

sarahsmile3 said...

Oh, and the first two times my car was broken into they never took my CDs. The last time, they cleaned me out.

sarahsmile3 said...

Oh, and David cook is a tool.

K-Fleet said...

A quick listen of Plies had me in disappointment. Sadly, he seems better when he collaborates with R&B singers, and his flow is almost always the same on this album. We blew through about 55 Weezy's for first-day sales, and 4 Plies.

dj santschi said...

my truck was broken into at work. i have the whole thing on video. i got to watch the guys scout the area, break my window, and take my precious backpack (a canvas military pack). they also got a small case of cds that happened to have some irreplaceable demo stuff by a friend of mine. it kinda had an 'antipop consortium' feel.

they also got my shoes and some dirty workout clothes.

if i had caught them, i would surely be in prison for what i would have done.

that's my token 'got broke into' story.

i'm sorry for yours.