Friday, August 22, 2008


Well, it should come as no surprise that Vegas' own Super Cr3w took "America's Best Dance Crew" title last night. Yeah, I don't care what you think. I watch it. They're dope. It certainly beats watching the world kick America's ass in track and field. I don't know what's with the gold motif except that it's probably something stupid that Mario Lopez made them do. Tons of respect for these dudes, though. And I ain't gonna hate Super Cr3w even though they're biting the number 3 as a "e." They can do windmills and sweeps until the cows come home. In fact they can do 'em until the cows dry up and squirt powdered milk. And their freezes were sick.

I'm not sure if their winning it all is much of a shock. There's nothing more entertaining than watching b-boys col' get down. These dudes represented to the fullest. Even when they had to hoedown to a "Footloose Megamix" they still rocked it. I resent the judges saying things like, "Ya'll are bringing it back" and "Ya'll are representing for b-boys everywhere!" Firstly, there ain't nothing to "bring back" because it never left. It's just that heads are sleeping. And no b-boy or b-girl needs Super Cr3w to represent them because they just rep themselves. It's not like we're talking about ballet. B-boying as an artform, in its very nature, represents.

Let's talk other notable crews in history. You got 2 Live Crew.
They didn't do much dancing, but they got people to dance. Specifically people who danced with their clothes off. Man, I miss these days. Look at the University of Miami gear! The jackets, the ballcaps. Dudes had mad flava.

Another crew that had flava was my man, Bill Allen better known as (or only known as) Cru Jones. If there's any cat that knows that pimpin' ain't easy, it's Cru Jones. Dude grew up in the sticks, was raised by Rocky Balboa's wife, was slinging papers to make a living and dodged five-0 as he hustled his game harder than anyone out there. It was really stacked against him. Then (if this ain't a rapper story, I don't know what is), without a sponsor, dude just sponsored himself, raised the money to enter Helltrack and took at all the money. Scared money don't make none, fool. He took on Tomax and Xamot, the dynamic dancing twins, as well as gymnast Bart Conner and still managed to come away with the girl from "Full House."

So good in his portrayal of Cru, he hasn't found steady work since. If anyone out there has a product they want him to halk, put the dude in a commerical. He still has popular appeal. Dude just needs work.

It's been a rough week. My grandfather passed away after a long battle with cancer. He was 88. Just keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

It's finally Friday...give yourself a high-five.


K-Fleet said...

Sorry to hear about your loss, but at least there's no more pain.

TX said...

CRU!!!!!!! Nice Tomax/Xamot reference. GI Joe lives on forever!!!!!!

Chrissy said...

All I got to say is they was tight. WHAT?! WHAT?!