Wednesday, August 27, 2008


You might remember Sam, the guitarist who shares my last name. There was some discussion with family in town that we might, in fact, be connected, but I ain't feeling the suggestion. I mean, c'mon, check this dude out. Loving the pocket watch. It's brings that class to an all-denim outfit. I gotta give it to Sam: homie can accessorize like Fonzworth Bentley.Sam's played some incredible gigs in his career. Here Sam and the guys of Badly Bent raise the roof at the Elk's Lodge in Bristow, OK. Watch out for that ceiling fan, Sam. I think this is one of my favorite "action" shots of the band. Check out Mike getting down on the far right. He's just shredding on that guitar (I believe, in Oklahoma, they call it a GEET-tar). Sam must be banking to buy Peavey speakers larger than his guitarist. Scared money don't make none.
Here, we find Sam and one of his fans deep in discussion. Sam can always take time to talk to his fans. He likes to give back like that and he just can't stand stuffy rock stars. Approachability is key in this business. And, especially, if you're a country star (established or aspiring). There's only room for one Kenny Chesney. Everyone else has to shake some clammy hands and listen to some boring-ass stories about sick relatives and someone's new double-wide. Sam's lucking out with this lady because she wanted to talk Nascar and there's nothing Sam loves more than talking race cars!
Here, our favorite Oklahoman axeman, dives into the acapella sing-along portion of "Friends in Low Places" by Oklahoma's favorite son, Garth Brooks. Can I get a "hell yeah!"

In fact, Garth Brooks is only a mere slice of their reportoire. Check out this diverse set list. The band asks that you please stick to the songs they know. Sam doesn't take requests off-list. Personally, I'm a fan of the "Wonderful Tonight"/"Wipeout"/"Knocking on Heaven's Door" medley. It's knocks me out every time. Another fan favorite is another Oklahoman's megahit, Toby Keith's "I Love This Bar" which has been reversioned to "I Love This Garage" and "I Love this Yard" so Sam can make it work for some of his birthday gigs. And you can't play a country bar without a rock and roll banger so Sam protects himself with the always-popular and infinitely sax-y "Turn the Page." Aw yeah. Ladies always dance sexy to that one. I digress. Here's the list.

"Smoke Rings in the Dark"
"I Love This Bar"
"Wonderful Tonight"
"An Ugly Girl Told Me No"
"Wave on Wave"
"Amarillo By Morning"
"Much To Young"
"Change In My Pocket"
"Blues Man"
"Wayfaring Stranger"
"Silver Wings"
"Fast As You"
"But For the Grace of God"
"Lacy’s Song"
"Farwell Party"
"Don’t Close Your Eyes"
"Midnight in Montgomery"
"The Fireman"
"Honk If You Honkytonk"
"Knocking on Heaven's Door"
"Stars On The Water"
"Boot Scootin’ Boogie"
"Sweet Home Alabama"
"Give Me Three Steps"
"Help Me Make It Through The Night"
"Trashy Women"
"Walkin’ After Midnight"
"Folsom Prison Blues"
"Tulsa Time"
"Pride and Joy"
"Who’s Been Talking"
"Her Goodbye"
"Your Cheatin Heart"
"Nothing On But The Radio"
"Seminole Wind"
"Don't Be Cruel"
"Ramblin' Man"
"Turn the Page"
"Drinkin' Dark Whiskey"
"Some Beach"

The following picture slipped into the pile, but it's worth the viewing. Here, one of Badly Bent's faithful and more militant fans takes a hard stance with a public protest against questionable reproduction in Oklahoma by attaching profylactics to her headgear and screaming "stop unsafe Oklahoman inbreeding!" around the bar. Unfortunately, her cries fell on deaf ears and inbreeding continues in Oklahoma. Sox and Yanks tonight on ESPN. Sox took the first game of the last series between the two in Yankee Stadium, 7-3. That's three consecutive prepositions. Gangsta! Gangsta!

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