Friday, August 08, 2008


I've been so bad to you. I really have. I've left you alone, frightened, confused. So, to make up for my shortcomings in my service to you, I'm going to attempt to make your visit worth it. It might be difficult because I really have nothing prepared, but whatever, let's do this. Above you'll see Wes "Donkey Lips" Wyrick. We're not related, but dude looks like a kegstanding king kong. First time I've seen a frat boy in my search of the last name. Homie has forsaken his heritage. C'mon, dude, we don't even drink that watered down piss. We're ale drinkers. Whatta punk. Those parties probably have something to do with your massive frame. Get some 574's and start walking that keg home, Assmouth, oops, I mean "Donkey Lips."

Been working intensively on the first of the Owen/j3 collaborations. Below is the tentative cover although I've already changed it. I've been doing most of the work up to this point (about 2 hours is already done) because Owen and I can't ever seem to meet up. So I just started working the mix through in Audacity and, well, it's about 75% done at this point.

The mix brings together both rap, rock, film, funk and Tom Brokaw in celebration of the genre that blew the whole game up: Gangsta Rap. I've always been reluctant to use such a term only because I always found it as a horrible stereotype and oversight because, over time, media channels were just lumping any rapper with a parental advisory sticker on the front a "gangsta rapper" when you could put on any rock record back then and hear worse (i.e. Appetite for Destruction). But I wanted the mix to, firstly, be dope and listenable and, secondly, either parody the mass misconceptions of the genre or simply exploit them. As to say, "You thought "Cop Killer" was bad? Try this." This ain't your little brother's mix. This is for the adults. This is for the aging hip hop head. This is for the dude that complains about nothing being dope anymore. This is for that cat that fell out of love with hip hop. This is for you if you haven't heard "New Jack Hustler" in ages.
It probably will time near two and a half hours after it's completed. At that length, I had thought that it would be dope to have my own Wizard of Oz/Dark Side of the Moon thing goin' except I would sync up mine with American Me. Oh, and it's not called Gangsta Gangsta, but rather Gangsta Boogie. Here's the tracklisting up to the point I'm at:

Isaac Hayes "Hung Up on My Baby," Chicago Gangsters "Gangsta Boogie," Geto Boys "Gangsta of Love," Steve Miller "The Joker," Ice Cube "Endangered Species," NWA "100 Miles and Runnin'," Ice T "Original Gangsta," Cream "Sunshine of Your Love," MC Twist "Dope Story," MC Twist "S-M-O-K-I-N-G-C-O-K-E," Chuck Cornish "Ali Funky Thing," Cypress Hill "Pigs," Royal Flush "Call the Cops," Compton's Most Wanted "They Still Gafflin'," MC Twist "Bad Influence Intro," MC Twist "A Step Beyond," Geto Boys "Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta," Pink Floyd "Money," Geto Boys "Let a Ho Be a Ho," Above the Law "Murder Rap," Gene Chandler "Duke of Earl," Cypress Hill "Hand on the Pump," Scarface "Your Ass Got Took," Eazy E "Boyz-n-da-Hood," Gary Numan "Films," Royal Flush "Watch Out for the Plants," Ice Cube "Steady Mobbin'," Face Down "Medellin Cartel," Convicts "Free World," Ice T "New Jack Hustler" and Above the Law "Livin' Like a Hustler."

Yeah, I go deep. And it's one continuous mix. Thinking of maybe posting it as a podcast or something so that you can just download it right into your iPod. Maybe I'll just bust it up on zshare or something. Be patient. Owen and I are gonna listen to what we have so far over a six pack this afternoon. I have a feeling he's going to happy with it.

I swear I'm gonna get those jerseys out to you peeps soon. Maybe this next week. Jerseys are $15. I'll give you some options on payment in the package. I didn't forget about you. Kris, I'll just send yours in the mailbag. Be on the lookout.

Paul McCartney was in town this week. He's travelling cross-country on Route 66 in the Bronco that he first kissed his now-girlfriend in. I wonder what he thought once he got out west of the Yellow where there's absolutely nothing for about four hours. My guess is something like, "Geez, this blows." There was a spotting at our store just a few blocks down the road from the house. Crazy. You'd think if he'd already travelled half of Route 66, someone would've caught onto it by now and we could've gotten some warning. I wouldn't had mind meeting him. I would've asked him why he's always talking in photos. The above photo was taken from a Circle K in Springfield, IL on the same trip.

On "America's Best Dance Crew" this week, Super Cr3w knocked out Fanny Pak. Thank goodness. There is something right in the universe at this time. I really had a feeling that they might get bounced, but they killed it (or as Lil' Mama would say, "Kill't it.")

Geez, I just read that Bernie Mac died. That sucks. Must watch Kings of Comedy today in his memory. Dude was killer. Two big comedians this year.

Clay Aiken's a dad?! Uh. Hmm. Aight, whatever. John Edwards had an affair with a woman?! Geez, the earth's rocked off its axis.

Do people really think Bennagin's is an authentic Irish experience?

I always try to care about the Olympics, but I really don't. I mean, c'mon, baseball's still on. Speaking of, I never made it on my Red Sox diet. Once I heard that Manny got traded, I had to watch baseball. He's been succeeding in LA quite well. Guess that long plane ride had a therapeutic effect on his MRI-negative knee. Dope that he's playing for Joe Torre now. Check out this telling photo.
I know LA's enjoying him out there. I still got him on my fantasy team so I certainly don't mind because he's hitting home runs like free throws. That strong National League pitching! Cubbies are winning it this year anyway. You heard it here.

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