Tuesday, February 03, 2009


So, after a month with only natural sugars, Saturday night at midnight, I ate two reasonably sized cookies, chocolate chip to be exact. They went down fine, but then at about four in the morning, I cramped up. My body was curled up in a tight ball as sleeplessness set in. It felt like I had downed an entire bottle of tequila. It was the worst that I've felt in quite sometime. For someone who rarely has stomach issues, it was severe. Says George, "See what that crap does to your body?" Still alive, though. I've been taking small steps back into it. A little here and a little there. Had a peanut butter (non-salmonella variety) and jelly sandwich and it was like the greatest thing I've ever eaten. Yummy.
Paul's mix is near completion. I'm trying to beat that reissue to the streets. My due date is 2/9. Seems achievable at this point.

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sarahsmile3 said...

Have you had your beloved ketchup?